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*Tibbetts  Caulkins

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The Ladies Who Lunch

*A Fine Literary Society


Alliance for the Care of Abused Children (ACAC), directed by the San Fernando Valley Interfaith Council.
An outreach opportunity for people who want to provide for the needs of the abused and neglected children who reside in our local communities.

A Call to the Families of the World A Call to the Families of the World is a Petition to present at the World Congress of Families, and then deliver to the United Nations' Commission for Social  Development in the year 2000.  Strong functioning families are strong communities, strong communities are strong nations, and a better world. 

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Thought for the New Millennium
Courtesy of Jeff Bauserman  of Russell Kentucky
quoting  A.J. Marshall.    "The only person to ever get his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe."     Amen, Brother!