Adopt a Child Abuse Caseworker (ACAC) is a public/private partnership that provides much needed resources to abused and impoverished children throughout your community.  A professional social worker is linked with a private organization and together they work towards breaking the cycle of abuse.

A variety of organizations can adopt social workers.  Religious congregations of all denominations, as well as civic groups, such as The Rotary Clubs, have been very active and supportive of the program.  The social workers participate voluntarily in order to receive support as well as to help educate the community about child abuse.  The social workers are encouraged to visit their congregation/organization at least once a year to give them progress reports.

The agreement is made between the social worker, the organization and Adopt a Child Abuse Caseworker program.  The social worker is responsible for making the adopting organization aware of the children's needs within his/her caseload.  The organization then spreads the word throughout its membership and collects the donations to be delivered to the social worker.  Because the social worker has direct access to those in need, the organization feels confident that its donations are making an impact on the lives of children and their families.  The ACAC Program Coordinator is responsible for matching the organizations with the social workers and acts as a liaison between all parties.

ACAC is an excellent outreach opportunity for religious congregations.  Many of the needs requested by social workers are sitting unused in the homes of congregation members; outgrown children's clothing, cribs and other baby items waiting for the next rummage sale, extra bedding and blankets, are all items that are greatly needed.  Civic organizations seeking a way to give back to the community are also benefiting from this program.  It's so easy to give when you know your donations will be delivered by your social worker directly to those who need it and may appreciate it the most.

If your Southern California area congregation or organization is interested in participating in this program, please contact Julie Brumana, Program Coordinator, at 818-718-6460 extension 3016.  There are social workers eagerly awaiting adoption and you can begin immediately to help the children in your community.

This ACAC program is directed by the San Fernando Valley Interfaith Council located at 10824 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Chatsworth, California 91311 (818) 718-6460.

Contact Julie Brumana e-mail address
Phone (818) 718-6460 ext. 3016

Deb Milam  is a liason between congregation and caseworker.  Deb's e-mail address