East Houston

Phase Two of the Houston Railz Project

Download the layout

Layout dependencies list

Download the switching scenario

Download the SECOND switching scenario

Each of the screenshots below will open into a new page. When you're done here, visit the "Houston Railz" link. Enjoy!

                overview                                          departure                                looking north


                    xing I-10                                       looking west                                     residential


                walkover                                          residential                                fancy pool


                high rent apt                                          mid-level apt                                low end apt


                I-10 @ I-610                                          lotsa bridges                                speed trap


In the scenario

                Hooking Up                              Waiting for the A train                      Delayed by Amtrak


                Runaround                                      Delayed AGAIN                                Beat One!


             Destination in sight                                PTRA                                        Diversity


                Hops or Barley?                            Working hard                            Makes me thirsty