Seeing Stars


(Salome, Salome)

Exquisite inspiration
On a tray that's decorated
With that smile
Your beautiful creation
Set aloof in revelation
His capricious trial

Anything you like
All that you desire

I want to satisfy you
Salome, Salome

The head of John the Baptist
Is upon Salome's wish list
Lips sick, dry
Nervously entrancing
And she's sinfully enhancing
Her delight inside


I Can't Hate You

Colorful and black and white
You draw me in your frame
And as we blend into the light
I'm trapped inside your fame
I can't expect to share your shades
Or pick and choose my clothes
Everything is bold and red
With halos of gold

I, I can't hate you
I can't hate you
I can't hate you

Regal on your paper throne
Your crown on upside down
I feel the stroke of your pencil blade
As it slips into my gown
I cannot tell the cloak from spill
But you're filling in my scream
My head altered to a slump
My lips your favourite green

I, I can't hate you
I can't hate you
I can't hate you
I can't hate you
I can't hate you
I can't love your scene

Dead king, pathetic prince
Unfailing queen
Deep in your perspective
I will always be

I can't hate you

I can't love your scene


Where The Rainstorm Ends

Say you're gonna be there
At the rainstorm's end
Say you're gonna be there
At the rainstorm's end
I know change

Say you're gonna be there
At the rainbow's end
Say you're gonna be there
At the rainbow's end
I know change

Say you're gonna meet me
Don't be late
Say you're gonna meet me
Don't be late
I know change

Say you want to meet me
At the rainstorm's end
Say you want to meet me
At the rainstorm's end
I know change


Staring At The Sun

In your blood
There's a vein of gold
If I could
Undo heaven's hold
On your maps
Air on the moon
Your midnight comes at noon

Eyes blind
Staring, staring at the sun
White light
Waiting for the end to come

I am glass
You see through me
Gliding past
Beauty waves you on
If you choose
All those colours
Kill your lovers now


A Drink To Drift Away

Pale, woven with the threads of fear
Fade, as shards of glass fall from your eyes like tears
Who can wait this long
To know if they belong

The boulevard of neon stars
The rush and hiss of passing cars
The roar of laughter in the street
Sad crowds shuffle on their feet
The peeling paint of deep regret
On faces hung with cigarettes
The strays and waywards looking down
The comfort of the underground

Hide, underneath the arches from the rain
Time, has deeply cut the telling lies of age
A drink to drift away
As night time turns to day

[with "A drink to drift away" repeated in background]
And aspirations have all gone
And no-one knows whose side they're on
Kisses are reserved for graves
Nothing grows and no-one waves
Dark the rings around your eyes
Reveal all you have sacrificed
Half your concentration on
Your shell is there but you have gone
And time creeps slowly grinning by
Expecting you to shrink and die
But still the pulse of life is there
Pushing you on and pulling your hair
And as you dream of your escape
You carry on and seal your fate
The rain is red and you are blue
And even the lies have the ring of truth
Tomorrow never ever comes
Chained to the past by what you've done
Priests and gamblers hand in hand
And rules that no-one understands
God takes bets on whose to hell
Another lonely prize to sell
The blades of reason drip with blood
Without the challenge if they should
And still the light is burning on
With music playing all night long
Waiters tired have left their bars
Bitter men act out their farce


Ugly And Cruel

[rev. July 16, 2003]

Ugly and cruel
Lies coming true
I split into pieces
And you were the glue

Covered in folds
Hidden in clothes
Your mind is so young
Your face is so old

When I woke up
I always looked down
I never won
When you were around

Opposites meet
But when we repel
The splinters of lust
Bear me to hell

Newspaper ink
All over my hands
The moon is so close
The astronauts land

But here in my head
There's ruin and pain
Simplicity lost
Again and again

Hands that can't wave
Eyes that can't weep
Blood that won't rush
A head that won't sleep

This mind that is numb
A blade that won't cut
Ice that won't melt
It can't hurt enough

Nothing to say
Vicious and vivid
Still nothing to say

The light switch stays off
As the night time comes on
I just can't imagine
How I'll get along


Venus Of Prose

Years of bliss
Fill your head
You're trapped in a jar
Your eyes are dead
Rich in words
You're the Venus of prose
As beauty erodes (as beauty erodes)

She says No
He says

Accolade slip
Lost your sway
In an aura of jade
Who can win
In the reign of a week
I die in your sleep

She says No
He says

Open you up
Peer on through
The taste of dust
Where nothing's true
Listen with your eyes
Face your deceit
You're dead on your feet (you're dead on your feet)

She says No
He says



Your labyrinth, your trips and turns
Approaching clandestine
My presence melts you as you burn
So when you gonna come

I paint pleasure on your face
High inside you come

Sound asleep in your cocoon
Glass eyed ecstasy
I hate to see you there marooned
Only have to come

Arcs and rainbows
Hidden pearls
Ruby folds you come

Like you're gonna come
Like you're gonna come
Come, come, come
Ruby folds you come

Searing heat, intensity
The diamond waterfall
Euphoric rush that sets you free
So tell me when you come



Filigree and onyx
In the afterlife
Mesmerizing patterns
Laid out to entice

Float and rise
I'm alive
History burns out my eyes
Slave of life
Ancient light
Streams until I'm mesmerized

Sultry Cleopatra
Never saw her die
Stretching out the hours
To paradise

Falling down
Upside down
Watch the hourglass slipping
I'm stuck inside
I'm alive

Infinitely swimming
Let me out



Left hanging delicately
You lean forward over the rail
And you haven't seen me
These hallways never seem to end
Only conspire to exaggeration

Now watch the time
A hand grenade
Death by design
An accolade

Unhinged, all askew
All unconsidered
All backwards and forwards
All finished all done

Now watch the time
A hand grenade
Death by design
An accolade

Tick tock, tick tock
Pendulum swinging
Death by design
An accolade

Morning slips discreetly in
You lean forward over the rail
Until you see me