(1099 to EIN preferred)	657/464-7645
(W-2 acceptable)

CAPABILITIES		Hardware/software design/implementation

COLLEGE			BSCS, California State University-Fullerton, 1988

NOTABLE CLIENTS		Federal Express, Fujitsu Network Communications,
			Honeywell, International Gaming Technology,
			Motorola, Racal Datacom, Western Digital, Xerox


 * 2010-2012 *		Evaluated TI Stellaris ARM Cortex M3 development platforms,
			interfaced a Windows XP motor control program using
(telecommute)		Visual Studio C++ Express 2010, Winsock, WinPcap 4.1.2, and
			Wireshark 1.8.1

			Developed a custom trading client using Visual C++ 2010 and
			IB TWS C++ API, explored Linux and AWS deployment

			Extracted AES encryption from Crypto++ 5.3.0, built a
			client/server test program using TCP/IP sockets,
			Windows XP, and Visual Studio 2008, tested GSM modems

 * 2006-2007 *		Wrote requirements using DOORS, coded in PPC assembler,
			diab C/C++, and Microsoft Visual C++.NET in a Windows XP
Kansas City, KS		environment using MKS, PVCS Tracker, and Python script
			configuration management, debugged using VisionClick ICE

 * 2004 *		Analyzed software development process, recommended
			improvements pursuant to planned CMM assessment,
Huntsville, AL		analyzed requirements and legacy design for a
			military aircraft intercommunication system

 * 2002-2004 *		Developed a PowerPC restart program to boot
			from CAN or memory using Metrowerks and
Austin, TX		Green Hills Multi C/C++ and PPC assembler,
			coded a Windows CE.NET port I/O utility

 * 2001 *		Ported a C/C++/68K DSP program to an Atmel ARM platform
			using Green Hills Multi, optimized using ARM assembly,
Pflugerville, TX	assisted with custom RTOS debugging and system
			programming, documented using UML, I-Logix Rhapsody in
			C++, and Visio

 * 2000 *		Wrote C/C++ interface code for a PowerPC-based
			high-speed IP transport prototype in a SunOS/UNIX/pSOS+
			environment using Rational ClearCase, CSM, and DDTS
Richardson, TX		configuration management

 * 1997-1999 *		Ported a proprietary RTOS to a 68328 using Diab Data's
			"C" compiler/assembler and the SDS SingleStep debugger, 
Austin, TX		and to a PowerPC MPC823 using a Metrowerks tool set; 
			configured VxWorks, RtX real-time X-Windows, and Java
			for a color VGA LCD and web browsing using WindRiver's 
			Tornado tool suite, integrated cross-platform FLASH
			programming drivers, configured ATM server and switch,
			wrote test code for a PowerPC StreamMaster set-top box
			running Microware’s OS-9 RTOS, trained in SEI/CMM

 * 1995-1996 *		Ported a Borland/MS-DOS "C" application to pSOS+
			using SoftProbe+/386, variously coded, modified, and
Memphis, TN		integrated keyboard, display, PCMCIA, radio modem, and
			IrDA drivers, a client-server system architecture, 
			graphics facilities, and ISA hardware diagnostics in 
			MetaWare "C" and Microsoft 80386 macro assembler;
			performed final system integration and debug of a
			proprietary radio-networked PDA; coded diagnostics, 
			drivers, applications, and test simulations using 
			Microtec 68000 assembler and "C", and an SDS 68000 
			simulator; debugged embedded subsystems using HP 
			and HMI ICE logic and protocol analyzers

 * 1994 *		Modified 68HC11/16 firmware for telephone and video
			I/O boards in a fiber-optic linked premises network
Anaheim Hills, CA	mainframe, debugged using ICE's and a logic analyzer

 * 1993-1994 *		Programmed system/gaming software using GNU "C" and a 
			custom client-server GUI windows manager for an 80960
Reno, NV		video terminal on VAX VMS CMS/Ultrix and MS-DOS 
			Windows PVCS/SCO UNIX development networks

 * 1991 *		Programmed diagnostics and virtual memory utilities in
			"C" and 80386 assembler, developed IBM-PC hosted VRTX
El Segundo, CA		target emulations to supplement Intel ICE debugging

 * 1989-1990 *		Programmed a data acquisition, analysis, and curve
			fitting system with real-time graphic display using
Irvine, CA		Turbo "C" 2.0, FORTH, 8086, and 68HC11 to calibrate 
			critical-care flow transducers for respirators

 * 1988-1989 *		Programmed a monitor in Microsoft "C" and 8086 
			assembler under the VRTX RTOS for a "911" call
Culver City, CA		dispatcher, integrated and debugged system and 
			application software using Codeview and in-circuit

 * 1985-1986 *		Performed product support for a Z80 boiler energy
			management system, co-designed an electro-mechanical
			accessory to throttle natural gas boilers

 * 1984-1985 *		Programmed diagnostics in Lattice "C" with menu and 
			command interpreter user interfaces for IBM-PC 
			networking boards, integrated low and high volume 
			board testers

 * 1983 *		Integrated STD-bus Z80 computer systems, programmed
			device drivers for a computerized microfiche viewer in
			8080 and the CP/M operating system BIOS interface

 * 1982 *		Repaired bit-slice TTL/analog electronics, developed a
			single-stepper, programmed a disassembler and 
			assembler, derived breakpoint listings, customized 

 * 1981 *		Designed a semi-custom CMOS gate array prototype for a
			touch-activated dimmer, consulted for successful 
			prototype conversion and a volume purchase by

			Repaired CMOS and analog ultrasonic alarm electronics,
			developed an automatically sequenced functional tester


 * 2010-2011 *		Built temperature controllers using Microchip PIC's

 * 2009 *		Built a Linux kernel using MinGW/Cygwin,
independent study	installed Ubuntu 8.04.2 on an IBM Thinkpad R51

 * 2002-2005 *		Evaluated Fedora 1, Redhat 7.1, Slackware 9.1, and
independent study	Debian 3.0 Linux distributions, integrated ISA computer
			systems, SCSI disk drives, modified cabinets and power
			supplies for ATX compatibility

 * 1992-2001 *		Explored UNIX through RedHat 5.2 and InfoMagic LINUX,
independent study	Coherent, Sun StarOffice 5.1, C++ using Microsoft, 
			Borland, and Zortech compilers, Windows development
			using WindowsMAKER Prototyper and Borland C++ 5.0

 * 1987 *		Programmed a 68000 cross-assembler in Turbo PASCAL,
CSU			wrote undergraduate programs in compilers, statistical
Fullerton, CA		simulations, and database management

 * 1987 *		Attended a PolyFORTH seminar sponsored by FORTH, Inc 
FORTH, Inc		and XXCAL, coded an 8086 FORTH interpreter with
Manhattan Bch, CA	an MS-DOS file interface

 * 1977 *		Licensed First Class Radiotelephone Operator with
independent study	Ship Radar Endorsement

 * 1974 *		Cessna 150 flight training

 * various *		Custom database, personal computer integration
			Celestial, inertial, and dead reckoning navigation
			Heathkit construction:  test equipment, computer
			Automotive repair:  gasoline, diesel, propane
			Legal research, real estate, construction