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Hobbits of Buckleberry

This is one of the more recent fantasy armies I painted up, and consequently was set up specifically for Hordes of the Things (HOTT) rules. I cheerfully stole the name "Buckleberry" from Tolkein because...well, it sounds so Hobbit-like! Anyway, a big chunk of these figures (the nicer looking ones) are 15mm Essex. There are a scattering from where I'm not really sure.

I set the army up with a large percentage of Hobbit archers, accompanied by some stout lads wielding melee weapons, that I classified as Shooters. Another big chunk is of various melee weapon armed Hobbits that are classified as Hordes. There are two Hobbit battlewagons that I scratch built. These are four wheeled monstrosities centered around a bull with long horns and a nasty disposition. The wagons themselves are festooned with Hobbit warriors to help control the beast and make it pack more of a punch. The Riders are a small percentage, one or two stands at most.

I really like how these guys came out. The Essex figs have a lot of character, I think. Plus, for some reason, they are a very effective army in HOTT. These little guys have won at least three HOTT Tournaments, so far. So, what Gandalf said about the Hobbit race must have something to it...

Hobbit Shooters

Hobbit Hordes

Hobbit Battle Wagon (Behemoth)

Hobbit Cavalry (Riders or Hero)

Hobbit Stronghold

The centerpiece of this stronghold are two JR Miniatures Hobbit holes -- actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they're actually barrows (I was given them by a friend who knew I needed to make a stronghold for this army). I painted their entrances up to be cheerful and hobbit like, then tossed in two wagons from Museum Miniatures, a load of barrels from a 1/72 scale plastic camp fortifications box, and a mound of sacks which is actually supposed to be the load for the flat wagon tipped up on its side. The flocking as grass covering the Hobbit holes kind of makes them blend in on this photo, but the effect is better in person.

For guards, I picked up a couple packs of Splintered Light Miniatures Hobbit Warders, since I'd used up all my Hobbits I'd owned for the army, itself. A serviceable stronghold for a suprisingly effective army.

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