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Early Libyan, 3000 BC - 70 AD

Early Libyans in DBA are often a punch line to a joke. There are four versions of the list, two of which feature 11 of 12 stands as Psiloi, or foot skirmishers. There's not a whole lot you can do with an army of troops specializing in hiding in terrain and running away if charged. However, there have been notable successes by players fielding such an army. Fortunately, the version of the list that is an opponent of my New Kingdom Egyptians has a smattering of useful troop types. It's not a world beater by any imagination, but it is a bit more interesting to play, I feel. That said, I've had little success with the army. Historically, the Libyans DID overrun Egypt's New Kingdom, but it was due more to numbers, and a decline in quality in the Egyptian pharaoh's and their armies.

The Early Libyan Army Arrayed

Early Libyan General (Light Chariot)

Early Libyan Warbands

Early Libyan Bows

Early Libyan Psiloi

Early Libyan Camp

I wish I could find the company that put out this tumbled Egyptian obelisk that is the centerpiece of the camp. They showed up once or twice as a Dealer at our Drums Along the Maumee convention in Toledo, OH, but then disappeared. I swear their name was Green Man Miniatures or something like that. They had a really cool line of resin terrain that I should have stocked up on. Anyway, the obelisk comes in two parts, one half is here, and another half in another Early Libyan army that I raffled off for a good cause several years ago. I did my usual Dark Brown undercoat with khaki drybrush, followed by white highlighting drybrush on the obelisk. The tent is from Musket Miniatures, the fire ring aquarium gravel, and the two guards are from Old Glory's Early Libyan spearmen pack. Another of my Biblical era camps that I'm proud of...

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