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Me atop Cerro Negro volcano during
        spring break 2015
Me at Cinque Terre village of Vernazza on my educational tour of Italy with my students
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Hi -- my name is Mike Demana, or worldwidemike (my travel nickname).  I have been traveling internationally since I took off backpacking after my senior year of high school.  That was more than 30 years ago. Throughout my adult life, I've continued to visit new countries and experience new cultures.  As of now, I am up to 83 countries that I've visited. My most recent trips include this summer's trip to Southeast Asia -- visiting Singapore, Laos, and the Philippines. Last summer, my solo trip was to Ukraine. I am a school teacher, so that two month off break in the summer gives me a chance to take extended trips. I usually go international on Spring Break, too. This March, I went to Venice, Croatia, and Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Starting in 2015, I began a new outlet for my travels. I lead groups of school kids on educational tours to Europe in the summer. The trips are through EF Tours -- the largest educational travel company in the world. Our first destination was Italy in 2015, which we followed up in 2016 with an adventure to Greece. This was a whole new experience for me. I normally travel by myself or with one other person. I tend not to do "do" group tours, like the ones offered by EF Tours. What's more, I certainly don't travel with dozens of middle school age children...ha, ha! However, this will give me a chance to show the next generation what international travel is all about. Hopefully, my students will come back hooked on travel and with a taste for more adventure. I've always felt that, as Americans, we tend to "vacation" more than "travel." The classic American vacation is a week on the beach. That is a night and day difference from researching a foreign country, picking out what you want to see, planning your own itinerary, familiarizing yourself with the language and customs upon arrival, figuring out the public transportation in a different place, and so on. To many, that is too much like "work" and not enough relaxation. The rewards, though, are amazing. The sights I see on my travels will stay with me forever.

This website is an attempt to share those sights and stories with the world. One thing I am doing differently on these trips publishing my updates on the road. I bought an iPad to do this, and luckily there are plenty of hotels and restaurants that have free WiFi connections.  I really enjoy posting somewhat "real time" updates, along with my favorite photos. To make it easier, I've started a Travellerspoint blog, which I can update simply enough while I'm overseas. My friends and family said they enjoyed reading them, too.  However, that does not mean the end of this particular "Worldwidemike" website! Instead, this "worldwidemike" website becomes a clearing house or storage place for people to access all in one place. 

So, welcome to my website! Take your time, scroll down through the list of countries I have visited, and enjoy!  Now that I've become a school teacher and begun my second career, I hope to keep updating this page with new and exciting places I've been. If you have any comments or questions about the places I've been (or where I'm planning to go next), feel free to e-mail me at:

The colorful sawdust carpets - a Good
        Friday tradition in Leon, Nicaragua
Good Friday in Leon, Nicaragua
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