Pictures of me around the world...

(though why you'd want to look at this page is beyond me!)

Me in Egypt

"Important Travel Tip: Standing next to something with its face gouged out tends to make yours look better..." Philae Temple, Egypt, October 2007

"If I stand real close to the edge, will I be more nervous than the person taking the photo...?" Hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa (October, 2006)

"Okay, okay! I'll put someone better looking than me in one of these photos...!" In the Cascade Mountains in Washington (August 2006)

"Who invited all these danged tourists?!" At the Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan, Mexico (March 2006)

" tourists in sight!" At the ruins of Palmyra, Syria (November 2005)

"If I push really hard, will this big stone lintel come down on me?" Another from Palymyra, Syria (November 2005)

"What ARE they looking at?" At Easter Island, Chile (September 2005)

"A couple Red Stripes, and I can pilot this thing!" At the wheel of the boat in our snorkeling trip, Jamaica (April 2005)

"If I put it on timer, can I blame the crappy photo on the camera?" Me on a path overlooking Andorra La Vella, Andorra (March 2004)

"If the German guy taking the photo starts running, it must mean the volcano behind me is erupting..." From the scenic overlook of El Diablo, San Salvador, El Salvador (Autumn 2004)


"I don't FEEL as tilted as I look..." In Yangon, Myanmar (Autumn 2003)

"I'm staying right here till I see Angelina Jolie..." Me at Angkor Wat, Cambodia (August 2001)

"I can see for miles and miles and miles..." On Sugarloaf, overlooking Rio de Janeiro harbor (October 2001)

"I feel like I'm going to say...E-u-r-o-p-e...!" Running the Columbus Marathon (Autumn 2002)

"You! Snake Plissken? I thought you were dead...?" Me at the Grand Canyon, AZ (Winter 1991)

"Boy, this would be a happening beach if the water wasn't so freaking cold..." Me and my '89 Cavalier in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan (, 1988?)

"What a load of B.S. this captain is saying..." As a military journalist (I think this is in Korea), hmmm...1986???

"Hey! Sky blue polyester pants are IN!" Yep, that's me in Canada, on the shades, eh? (Canada, Summer of 1982)