Sweetie Pie and the Doughboys
Playing great music that crosses generations and styles seamlessly. We can play for your event no matter how big or small. We are based in the North Bay of SF Bay Area California, in the center of the universe, Fairfax. We cover all different kinds of music, concentrating on classic blues, Motown, rock,  funk, pop, country and more. A band not afraid to try music that touches our souls regardless of whether it falls into a category. We have one goal and only one goal: Have Fun! This is immediately apparent to anyone who has seen us. If you haven't seen us yet, please do. You will have a new favorite band.
"...this is one of the most exciting groups I've ever seen in my life, they call themselves Sweetie Pie and the Doughboys. I stopped by Peri's one night and after about two minutes of hearing them perform, I ran out to the car and got my little Sony DV camera and shot video for the next hour and twenty minutes. The camera work is a little shaky but the talent and the sound more than make up for it."  Diamond Ed, kfmlnooze.blogspot.com/

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Big Boned Gal/ Not Fade Away
it might be easier to just go to you tube and search for Sweetie Pie and the Doughboys.
There's a lot of stuff out there and more coming.

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Crisco  Band Photo  Wendy

        Photo: Lori Janda                                          Photo: Maria Perrin                                           Photo: Maria Perrin

Cathleen 'Sweetie Pie'-Lead Vocals
                                Mike 'Open Mic Mike' 'Big Fun' 'Tank' -                                         Wendy 'Sistawomanhoneychile-
                                        Guitars and vocals                                 Tim 'Tumbleweed' -                 lovebunnysugarplum'  -
'Cool Hand' Crisco  -                                                                                 Bass                             Keyboards and vocals
                                                                                           Wailin' Sam  -                               
                                                                                       Harmonica and Vocals                                            


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