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Peri's has a new WEB SITE

Special Announcements

Links to video, mostly shot at Peri's,
 or at least of bands that play, or played at Peris.
We'd be happy to host any band seen here!
Check some of these out.

A You Tube search of Peri's Fairfax (Recommended listening, Garnish 'Sense of Mary", simply amazing performance)
Microsoft Live Search of Peri's Fairfax,Ca looks like it's got a little new and a little old
Excellent site with lots of videos of mostly Fairfax locals. What amazing assortment of talent there is right here in this tiny little hamlet., a cool site with approx 40 vidoes of various bands playing in various places. Much more content.
 More than half of the pictures contain bands that play, or played in the day, at Peri's. There are a few bands
that have several different vidoes here. Of the 40 videos, 11 were actually recorded at Peri's. Of the bands that are not
recorded at Peri's, you'll probably see a bunch of bands you'd like to see at Peri's, many of them again!

Heated Patio-Smoking area
The Marin Landscape, oh yeah and a large heated patio

Have you taken some cool photos at
Peri's? If so, please email them to me so we can include your good times in our web site. Or, if you get doubles when you get them printed, drop off some copies in the bar in the red tray behind the phone at the bar. Ask the bartender. Thanks!

Send me your pictures! Please!
As I get more, I'll create more pages.

     Drums                  Patiowrock     
    Pool Room

Halloween I Ed Earley Band 4/16/05

Halloween II Halloween 05 courtesy Lifesigns Photo

Krickie's Nights!

Thanks to everyone who has come out and heard some of the best music in the Bay Area. We are grateful to the fans who are coming and the bands as well. You all are making Fairfax the entertainment destination in the North Bay.

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Peri's Events

Special Announcements

Become a MySpace Friend of Peri's
Visit our MySpace site and see if you're in one of our pictures! Post a comment! Send me pictures! I'll try to upgrade it as I go along, but I don't really have any know how at it, so it will be hit and miss for a while til I figure it out.


Every Wed starting at 7:30 til 9
Professional Swing Dance Lessons!
For a $10 fee, learn to swing with the best of them and then use those skills with the band that night, cause both Wed bands will play stuff for you to show off your new moves!

First Sunday
hosted by The Fairfax AllStars
This is a semi-invitational jam for blues players to get together and make great music together. Talk to Joe LoCoco at Peri's before the night begins and get in the rotation!


Second Sunday

Our goal is to celebrate music in this town, and a night dedicated  to the women who are presenting us all their talent and dedication is what we have in mind!

This month it will be
Sun January 10th!!!

Be There!!!

(bring flowers!!)
(and friends)


The last Sunday every month, we are happy to have Krickie help us organize a Singer/Songwriter Showcase. She will present some of the freshest and hottest local artists in a very intimate and listenable setting. Our good friend Josh will host this incredible night of music.

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What they're saying!   
 February 11, 2007 Peri's Silver Dollar Bar Fairfax CA

I think this was my first visit to Fairfax. It's a cool little town! If you ever get a chance to go thru I would definitely check it out. Thanks to Krickie for letting us play at the showcase.

Photo of allison s.
allison s.

Written: 206

5 star rating on

On my first big night on in Fairfax I visited 2 of the 3 bars.  First stopped at 19 Broadway w/ a $10 cover and a band that wasn't very captivating. Had an okay  drink but there wasn't really a crowd and it was cinco de mayo.
So we walked down the street to Peri's, paid a $5 cover and am so glad we did! The had an awesome Rockabilly band (Spinout) that had all the patrons grooving. Stepped out to the patio with a weird grotto looking thing. And then to the back to play pool. Julio the bartender was a lot of fun, thought I am not sure if that is his real name - possibly a made up cinco de mayo name. who knows.
We had a great time with good drinks and friendly people!


That's why they say, "When in Fairfax, it's Peri's!"

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  Band Links

(OK, If your band appears here and you have no idea why, it's because someone who likes you
passed your info to me, none of these is random. I figure there's no such thing as too many links to your site,
so so what if you've never been here. We like you just the same)

(OK, if you're a local, you may notice that some of these bands have never appeared here. 
Someone who likes them gave the link to me, and I checked it out and liked it.)


The Acoustically Cool Frobeck
Valerie Orth
After Maxwell
Front Porch Mick Overman
Airport Sexy
Full Service
James Apollo Don Gallardo Plum Crazy
The Bar Association Jon Gallardo The Q Band
Scotland Barr and the Slow Drags
The Godz of Rock Panhandle
Barrelfish Goodlife R and B Revue Petty Theft
Jim Basnight
Grampa's Chili Phantom City
The Beatmeters Gravity Plan

Jonathan Best
Big Rain Groovy Judy Replay Band
The Billy Boys Chris Hawley Band
Black Bird Stitches Bonnie Hayes

Blue James Heritage Brad "The Dudeboy" Rogers
Blue Mire High Voltage
Jon Roninger
Blue Note Cats
Highway Robbers
Stuart Rosh and the Geniuses
Blues Mix Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective Route 111
Lynn Bobby Honey Dust Ruckus
Bray Howdy! The Lee Simpson Band
Brindl John Howland Trio
Pete Sinjin
Leon Bristow
Howlin Hound Dog & the Infamous Loosers
Small Change Romeos

The Hummingbirdz
Society's Child
Burke Chris James Band Somethingfour
Call Me Bwana
Katy Jay Sons of Emperor Norton
Jeff Campbell Houston Jones The Sorrentinos

Sam Joole Spindrift
Caravan West Maria Kazirian Spinout

Kirk Keeler Adam Stein
Joe Caprice John Keigwin Dave Stein Band
Vince Charming and the New Americans Krickie
Crooked Roads Band
Lariats of Fire
Sugar Farm
Greg Cross Band Hans Larson's Glass Attic
Sunday At Ed's
Culann's Hounds Little Wheels Band The Swamees
Damage Inc Loose Gravel
Sweetie Pie and the Doughboys
Rahman D'Amato Band Lotus Dog/Jolie Teeze
Love Vigilante Town Mountain
Wendy De Rosa Cas Lucas Trailer Park Rangers
Glen Earl Brown and the Dickens
Lucky Dog Transcender
Dr Mojo
Angela Lum Turning Point
Dry County Crooks
James Meyers & the Made of Steel Strings Band
Unborn Sun
The Earl Brothers
Johnny Vegas & the High Rollers
The Ed Earley Band
Moot Davis and the Cool Dead Vengince
Mr. Egg Danny Morrison Wildsang
Electric Boogie Dawgz Mucho Axe Wingnut Adams Blues Band
Jesse Lee Falls Gail Muldrow Alex Wise
Feed and Seed The New Sekret Service Zacharia
Tom Finch

The Flux Norton Money
20 Grit

Bob Frank One More Mile



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Contact Info
Snail Mail To:
C/O Peri's Silver Dollar
29 Broadway
Fairfax, CA 94930

Bar (415)459-9910

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