Chuck Harris at the Ohio City Bicycle CoOp

The Ohio City Bicycle CoOp hosted a Seminar with chuck Harris on 13-Mar-2004.
Amoung the things Chuck showed us were
  • His 1951 Reynolds 531 Raleigh with derailleurs he designed in the late 50's from a photo in a French Language Magazine,
  • His first trailer
  • His pedal powered grinder and battery charger combination
  • How to make numerous usefull things from disgarded PET bottles
  • How he makes his mirrors

    Here's some photos:

    Here's Chuck and his wife selling mirrors after his talk

    Chuck adjusting a mirror

    Chuck's 1951 Raleigh

    Rear Derailleur detail

    Front Derailleur detail


    His Grinder

    Front fender detail, upper attachment

    Front fender detail, lower attachment

    Rear fender detail
    The stays are Aluminum clothes line and all clamps are PET

    Rear fender stay detail

    Brake bridge

  • Here's some more pictures posted from the seminar on the OCBC's web page.

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