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National Weather Service Graphical Forecasts
National Weather Service Cleveland
Space Weather
  • Forcast - Willoughby, OH
  • Forcast - Highland Hts., OH
  • MapClick - Chesterland
  • Graphical (Quick) Forcasts
  •  - Willoughby
  •  - Highland Hts
  •  - Chesterland
  •  - South Russell
  •  - Erie, PA
  •  - Buffalo, NY
  • National Weather Service Buffalo
  • Forcast - Buffalo
  • Buffalo Short Range Radar - Loop

  • Weather Underground
    NOAA CoastWatch - Great Lakes Region Lake Erie MODIS Imagery
    The Weather Channel
  • Cleveland
  • Buffalo
  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Beckley, West Virginia
  • Everglades Natl Park

  • MS-NBC Weather
  • Cleveland Forecast
  • Cleveland Regional Radar
  • Buffalo Forecast
  • Buffalo Regional Radar
  • Toronto Forecast

  • Chance of LIGHTNING?
    LIGHTNING in the South East
  • Mississauga (ON) Live Cameras
  • The Weather Channel - Current U.S. Weather
  • National Weather Service Home Page
    n.e. ohio text based forcast
    cleveland text based forcast
    buffalo text based forcast
    forcasts - city, area, zone
  • Weather Satellite Images Updated Daily
  • Rob's weather page
  • Yahoo Cleveland Weather
  • Canadian Weather
  • National Weather Service - Ohio page
  • National Weather Service @ CSU with current weather info
  • The Peace Bridge
  • Border Wait Times
    Ministry of the Solicitor General
  • NY State Thruway
  • Canadian weather
  • QEW video
  • weather maps from Intellicast
  • 24 hour forecast analysis chart from Intellicast
  • IWIN (Interactive Weather Information Network)
  • FSU weather page featuring interactive marine weather
  • NOAA weather info gopher State by State listing
  • Weather World at the University of Illinois.
  • Or the more general Atmoshperic Sciences information is available from the USGS.
  • Radar/sattellite menu
  • Simple text based reports can be had from the University of Michigan Weather Underground. (Cleveland's city code is CLE, Philadelphia's code is PHL, and Toronto's code is YYZ)
  • Or the Michigan State University weather info page is going away :-(

    They suggest trying

    The coolest weather imagery on the net comes from the Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The gopher server there is the source of the nice composite US/IR image.

    Another fine set of weather information comes from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Its nifty stuff, however I personally feel they've gone way overboard on the graphics that get you to the weather imagery your interested in. But then again, that seems to be the common (and disappointing) trend in the web these days.

    The GOES data set I provided (in high resolution) comes from NASA, specifically ftp://explorer.arc.nasa.gov/Weather

    And the imagery from the other side of the planet is available (Very nicely) from The University of Nottingham.

  • Ohio

  • Ohio Tornadoes at The Tornado Project
  • Greg's Lake Michigan Page has surfing and sea kayaking info
  • Canada's Great Lakes Surfing Page has buoy data for all of the great lakes
  • Great Lakes Surfing
  • The Eastern Surfing Association

  • Lake Erie

  • Lake Erie Forcast beyond 5 miles from shore
  • Interactive Marine Observations:Great Lakes
  • Lake Erie Buoy Report
  • Great Lakes Weather Synopsis - for all of the lakes

  • Mike Sherman's Home page .