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Keel Haulers Outfitters
Keel Haulers Canoe Club
REI Outlet Store
Campmor camping supplies.
Sierra Trading Post closeouts
The Wilderness Shop
The Kilted Yak in Medina
French Creek Canoe & Kayak in Pa.
Mountain Equipment CoOp
Europe Bound

New Stuff

  • I fish
  • Chagrin river video
  • Cascade Designs - Therm-a-Rest, Platypus, SweetWater, Packtowl, SealLine, Tracks
  • bike and outdoor gear clearance store
  • Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
  • schedule for mad river demo paddle days
  • velosea peddel powered boat
  • harmony paddle accessories - (perception and dagger merged)
  • Yakima
  • Johnson Worldwide Associates now owns Necky Kayaks along with Mitchell paddles and Old Town canoes and lots of others
  • Victorinox and Victorinox USA and also international repair/info directory
  • The Rocky Mountain Survival Group - how to survive anywhere ;-)
  • Boundary Waters (at GORP)
  • Wisconson Canoe Rivers
  • Pennsylvania Outdoor Recreation - Canoe and Kayak routes
  • New York Canoeing and Kayaking outfitters
  • Michigan's Canoe Trails (at GORP)
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area
  • Ohio Tourism has a large list of ohiolinks
  • ODNR Division of Watercraft
  • Ohio boating opportunities
  • Ohio boat operation laws
  • Boating in the Great Lakes Region

  • Shoes

  • Teva
  • National Odd Shoe Exchange
  • ShoeInofNet - Worldwide Info Center with a link to The Clog Page

  • Kayak Equipment Manufacturers

    Trade Association of Sea Kayaking - TASK's site offers a full list of association retailers, outfitters, manufacturers world wide. Find educational resources, symposium information.
  • GoPaddle symposium information

    Boats (Kayak and Canoe/Kayak manufacturers)

  • Nimbus Kayaks / Rainforest Designs
  • Quality Composits makes some of John Winters boats
  • Canoes and Sea Kayaks by Redwing Designs, John Winters - Designer
  • P&H
  • Seda
  • Wilderness Systems
  • Wildwasser Sport: North America's Distributor for Prijon and Eskimo kayaks.
  • Sea Bright Kayak
  • Vittudden Paddles and Kayaks
  • Hydra
  • Seaward Kayaks
  • Eddyline Kayaks
  • Perception kayaks and other gear.
  • Dagger Canoe Kayak Company - manufacturers recreational sit-on-top kayaks, whitewater kayaks and canoes, touring canoes and sea kayaks.
  • New Wave Kayak Products
  • Enterprise Boats - crafting custom canoes, boats and kayaks in cedar, fibreglass and kevlar; also restoration work, boat-building courses and supplies.
  • Wilderness Systems - manufacturers of ocean kayaks, whitewater kayaks, touring kayaks, river kayaks and canoes for water sports, paddle sports and rafting expeditions or camping, fishing or hunting.
  • Wold Ski Custom - designs and manufactures paddle powered surf craft, surf kayaks, boots and wave skis.
  • Current Designs - dedicated to designing and building exceptional touring kayaks and accessories.
  • Island Innovations, Inc. - makers of the Triak outrigger sailing kayak, for both the kayaker and the sailor.
  • New Wave Kayak Products, Inc.
  • Swift Canoe & Kayak Company - producing GoldenGlass, DiamondGlass, Kevlar, and carbon canoe's & kayak's. Online interactive boat locater; free catalogue and more.
  • Walden Paddlers, Inc. - manufactures touring kayaks from 100% recycled plastics.
  • Northwest Kayaks

    folding kayaks

  • Walecraft
  • Kayak Lab
  • Whalecraft
  • Nautriad Folding Kayaks distribted by Seda
  • Feathercraft Folding Kayaks - manufactures and sells foldable kayaks for world-wide expeditions.
  • Folbot Folding Kayaks - folding touring kayaks manufactured in USA marketed by mail order worldwide.
  • Klepper Folding Kayaks - an Eskimo-style kayak that is made of a folding wood frame and a pliable skin, folds into one or two carry-on size bags for transportation.
  • Paddles

  • Anderson Oars & paddles - many unique paddles
  • Ainsworth
  • AquaBound paddles
  • Werner Paddles
  • Novoa paddles of Costa Rica
  • Silver Creek paddles
  • Vittudden Paddles and Kayaks
  • Other Stuff

  • Lotus Designs
  • Deluge carts, sails and more
  • Stohlquist
  • Planetary Gear - Banshee flow seat, clothes, bags...
  • Georgian Bay Kayak - Sponsons and other rescue gear.
  • Palm Equipment
  • Salamander Paddle Gear
  • SpeedTech Instruments
  • Windspeed Designs in Downeast Maine makes quick reefing spinnakers for kayaks and canoes.

  • Kayak Equipment Suppliers and Outfitters

  • Ecomarine
  • Rutabaga
  • Wyoming River Raiders
  • Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) had their store catalog online
  • White Squall in Perry Sound, Ont.
  • Northwest River Supplies
  • Florida Bay Outfitters on key largo
  • Mountain Sports sells Necky kayaks
  • Ohiopyle Trading Post
  • Mirage Sea Kayaks at Kitty Hawk sports - rentals
  • Used equipment
  • SouthWest PaddleSports sells Necky Kayaks and Werner paddles
  • Jersey Paddler
  • South shore Kayak kayak rack saddles and Surge kayaks
  • NorthWest Outdoor Center kayak catalog
  • Kitty Hawk Sports is an excellent stop-over for sea kayakers looking for gear, tours or information about some of the best kayaking the Outer Banks has to offer.
  • Kitty Hawk Kites
  • James River Basin Canoe Livery, Ltd
  • Blue Ridge Outfitters
  • Monterey Bay Kayaks and tours
  • JACK'S PLASTIC WELDING INC. raft / kayak repair.
  • Mahone Bay Kayak Adventures - A Kayak Adventure Company in Nova Scotia - sponsors programs such as the 1996 Annual Nova Scotia Kayak Festival on Saturday, 6th July.1996 (rain date: July 7th).
  • Maine Sport Outdoor School / Outfitters
  • Gorp - Rafting, Canoeing, and Kayaking Resources
  • NOLS offers both Sea Kayaking and River courses.
  • Base Camp for Hurley's Pack & Paddle
  • New York Kayak Company - folding kayak specialist featuring Feathercraft and Nautiraid sales and service. Locally we offer BCU instruction and a variety of hardshell kayak lines.

  • Canoe Equipment

    Boats (Canoe manufacturers)

  • Mad River Canoe or a mirror here
  • Mohawk Canoes
  • We-no-nah
  • Northwoods Canoe Company 8 models of wood and canvas canoes
  • Windy Ridge Studios - Our canoes are built of the finest materials. The ribs and planking are Ontario white cedar, the inwales are clear spruce.
  • Clearwater Design - distributer and manufacturer of rotational molded watercraft, 16' polyethylene 'Prospector' canoe, 13' polyethylene Kayak.
  • Native watercraft in Canada
  • James River Basin Canoe Livery, Ltd
  • Boatworks has Canoe and Kayak (double paddle canoe) links
  • Old Town
  • North Bay Canoe
  • Trailheadwith stores in Ottawa, Mississauga, and Toronto makes a line of Classic Prospector Canoes
  • Scott Canoe mid-Canada fiberglass - canoe catagories
  • Some unofficial Mad River Canoe pages can be found here and here
  • Cedar Island Canoes
  • Lakeland Canoe Company - offer custom made cedar strip canoes and paddling accessories. We also have a full range of repair services as well.
  • Northwoods Canoe Company - Maine's finest 'hand-crafted traditional design' wood and canvas canoe builders.
  • Nova Craft Canoes
  • Old Town Canoe Company - the oldest continuously-operating canoe manufacturer in the world
  • Ottawa Valley Canoe
  • Other Canoe Gear

  • The all about Canoes page has a Canoe Books and Magazines page as well as history and information.
  • Piv-Yoke Canoe Accessories

  • Zines

  • Atlantic Costal Kayaker
  • The Sea Kayaker's Salty Dog e-zine
  • Paddler Magazine
  • The Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association (CRCA) publishes Kanawa magazine
  • Che-Mun - the journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing
  • Canoe & Kayak Magazine
  • Wave Length online Sea Kayak magazine with lots of kayak related stuff.
  • Sea Kayaker Magazine - has article search engine and subscription information, but no articles.
  • - good content. They have Outside Online
  • Wooden Boat Magazine
  • Hawaii's First OnLine Ocean Sports E-Zine

  • Clubs

  • Jersey Canoe Club
  • NOWR
  • AWA
  • American Canoe Association
  • Florida Sea Kayaking Association - lots of links
  • North Bay Canoe Club, on choosing a canoe, and lots more
  • Coastal Canoeists
  • Atlantic Coastal Kayaker
  • Sierra Club - environmental spring-board.
  • The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association is devoted to preserving, studying, building, restoring and using wood-canvas, cedar strip and birchbark canoes, and to disseminating information about canoeing heritage in North America.
  • The California Kayak Friends
  • The New South Wales Sea Kayak Club (NSWSKC)
  • The Victory Sea Kayak Club

  • Other Web Pages

  • Walter Reed Medical Center/Explorers Club Everest Extreme Expedition medical aspects - moutaineering information
  • Mountain Zone Marketplace - Paddlesport Books and videos
  • All About Canoes
  • Bill Mason
  • A brief archaeological history of those wonderful folk in the north who brought us the kayak; the Inuits and Aleuts! Additional information is available from Artic Circle: History and Culture.
  • Sierra Club - environmental spring-board.
  • Inukshuk sea kayak instruction
  • Toronto Historical Board - Marine Museum of Upper Canada (?)
  • Bruce Fisher's Paddling Page - Delaware paddlers
  • Sea Kayak FAQ
  • Tofino Expeditions
  • Northwater Rescue
  • Nick's Kayak Page - The "Rolling Fool" is a must have.
  • A Lost/Stolen Boat Hotline can be found at the Watersports Resources Page with lists for both Sea kayaks and Whitewater boats.
  • A Preston Holmes Kayak page which includes LOTS of kayak related links, pictures, and a Sea Kayaking FAQ
  • Preston's Kayak Page - Has a large collection of kayak related sites. He has HTML'd the river and sea kayak paddling FAQ sites available on the WWW.
  • Paddle craft - in depth boat design and history.
  • The Beaufort scale for measuring wind speed.
  • The Eddyline Echo. Links to other paddling information and an international paddlers database. Go there to add yourself to a paddlers directory database.
  • American Rivershas a Gopher Server of recent announcements.
  • Venture North has pages on canoeing, the

  • Clothes and Camping Gear


  • Patagonia
  • Sierra Designs
  • Marmot
  • Suppliers

  • REI
  • Campmor camping supplies.
  • Newmans
  • L.L. Bean

  • Destinations

    General Info

  • fish Erie (PA) has lake Erie stream info, also PA fly fishing has county by county stream info and the PA Trout Unlimited page has some interesting stuff on wild trout.
  • TAG caver fest
  • Niagara Falls
  • Leave No Trace
  • WWW Tide and Current Predictor using XTide - source v available free.
    There is also a Palm Pilot port
  • Interactive Marine Observations with marine bouy data from florida
  • Ocean Wave Forcasts
  • GORP the Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - Gorp - Rafting, Canoeing, and Kayaking Resources with
  • Adirondacks Waterways & Paddling
  • Paddling Books
  • Georga resources
  • Yahoo U.S. Parks list
  • GreatLakes wind direction, the Lake Erie near shore marine forecast and the Lake Erie offshore marine forecast
  • Catalog of paper nautical Charts for the great lakes
  • The Great Lakes
  • See the U.S. National Parks for a list of parks including
  • Everglades National Parks - for more information, look at the Everglades Information Network
  • Big Cypress
  • National Forest Service has maps
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Estes Park - Rocky Mtn. National Park
  • North

  • Parks Canada
  • Canadian National Parks
  • yahoo - canada national parks
  • Ontario Canoe Routes
  • Bathurst Inlet Lodge
  • Links River, North of 60 far north info
  • William Gould's Homepage features photographs of Artic rivers and lots of information on geology, ecology, stories, etc. target="_top">Bathurst Inlet Lodge
  • Adirondacks
  • Out There - The Canadian Outdoor Directory - Canoe Tripping
  • Dave's Canoe Links
  • Ontario Outfitters list
  • Canadian Heritage Rivers
  • Canadian Heritage Rivers System Index
  • Missinaibi Headwaters Outfitters
  • Canada's Internet Vacation Guide
  • Ontario's near-north -> Temagami
  • >>> Ontario's Provincial Parks<<<
  • NEW Ontario Parks page
  • Northern Ontario Maps from OATI
  • Campsource - an internet guide to camping in Canada - provincial and private
  • Jim Dugan describes his Penobscot Bay kayaking trip
  • South

  • Costal Carolina Sea Kayaking Home page
  • Key-Kayak has a key-by-key description
  • Sea Kayak Georgia
  • Charleston Sea Kayak Symposium
  • GORP Everglades pages
  • Florida State Parks
  • Florids Keys National Marine Sanctuary
  • Florida Keys
  • Hudson River Waterway Trail Web Page
  • Whitewater Amphibian Habitats of the Great Southeast - Good pics. Info and pics of the Tellico also!

  • Maps and Charts

  • richie navigation

    Maps - Real, Soft, Info

  • topozone download any US topo (Alaska not available yet)
  • USGS Global Land Information System
  • Links to Free GIS Maps (local copy) from Mayko
  • Waypoint Wherehouse free exchange of GPS data in several formats (not much there yet)
  • Useful Sites for MapInfo Users
  • Terraserver from Microsoft
  • Boat & Boating Links for SE Florida Inshore
  • topos on web
  • Geo-Spatial Reference - Geographic Data of British Columbia
  • Maptech topo maps USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM
  • Northern Ontario Maps from OATI
  • National Forest Service has maps
  • Horizon Maps Exclusively at REI
  • TOPO! interactive CD-ROM topographic maps

    GPS Info

  • Interagency GPS Exeutive Board
  • info on the Rockwell Jupiter GPS chipset
  • KA9MVA Hacks the Earthmate - has docs on the Rockwell binary GPS communications protocol and BASIC s/w for it.
  • David L. Wilson's GPS Accuracy Web Page
  • Ken's GPS Related Links
  • All About GPS tutorial
  • Garmin Protocol Information and Data Transfer Programs
  • NMEA 0183 info
  • NMEA - National Marine Electronics Association
  • NMEA 0183 INFO
  • Peter Bennett's GPS and NMEA Site Great!
  • Three Dimensional Hyperbolic Positioning and Synthesizable VHDL Code / GPS satellite
  • GPS Status Information from US Naval Observatory also available via ftp.
  • Global Positioning System Overview

    GPS Hardware

  • surplus board with Rockwell chip and NEMA 0183
  • Magellan
  • GPS stuff in association with
  • Adventure GPS online sales of major brands
  • The GST-1 (GPS Sentence Translator) is a small, microcontroller based serial device designed to translate Rockwell Binary format, as used in the DeLorme Earthmate and Sony SkyMap GPS receivers, to NMEA sentences.
  • The GPS Store
  • GPS/Compass Reviews-
  • GPS Information, Software, and Hardware Reviews of Garmin, Lowrance, and Magellan
  • -- GPS News, Handheld GPS, Download Software, Shopping, and More...

    GPS Software

  • DTCC - Datum Transformation and Coordinate Conversion software - the LARGE page also contains lots of other intersting mapping stuff (including building your own maps).
    It is provided by NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency - They also have a worldwide Digital Nautical Chart and FUND (Full Utility Navigation Demonstartion) software (NT only)
  • DeLorme | Maps and Mapping Software
  • lots of info about GPS - device comparisons and palm software
  • Mayko - map- map software formerly called 'Xmap' or 'Mayko mXmap'- Now free for linux and unix. They have maps It uses gpsd
  • GPS Thing Free! GPL GPS moving map software by Jas. He also has
  • GPS Applications Exchange

    GIS Links

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on the World Wide Web
    TMS Browser Pro
    Introduction to GPS Applications
    The Map Store Home Page
    Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)
    PCL Map Collection
    UofT Map Library Internet Resources
    Create a Map
    USGS: Geo Data
    National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
    w140n40 topo page
    WWW Geospatial Information
    Geodetic Datum Overview
    Links to Coordinates, Datums and Transformation Information
    Digital Chart of the World (DCW)
    USGS Digital Raster Graphics
    Global Positioning System Overview
    Global Mobile Maps
    Maps of United States National Parks and Monuments
    Cartographic Reference Resources
    USGS: Geo Data
    GIS Data Sources

  • Boat Building

  • canoe building
  • Guillemot Kayaks - high performance wood-strip kayaks, finished boats and plans.
  • Laughing Loon Custom Canoes & Kayaks - Wood strip canoes and sea kayaks. Designs reflect Eskimo origins. Finished boats or building plans. Building tips and kayaks built by home builders.
  • Green Valley Boat Works - We offer plans for a full range of contemporary high performance Canoe and Kayak designs by John Winters. These plans are suitable for the home craftsman who wants to build a fine wood strip boat.
  • Newfound Woodworks - quality cove and bead strips. Plans and kits for canoes, kayaks, row boats, and sail boats.
  • Noahs Marine Supplies - quality cedar strip canoe & kayak kits. featuring designs from Canoecraft as well as others.
  • San Javier Kayak - supplies kits and plans to build single and double wood sea kayaks.
  • Chesapeake Light Craft, Inc. - kayak designs; plans and complete kits for building your own.
  • Bear Mountain Boat Shop in the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario.
  • Pygmy Boats Inc. Sea Kayak kits
  • Skimmer kayak kit
  • Classic Boat Kits basic canoe model descriptions
  • Nomad Sea Kayaks and KITS

  • Cameras and Photography

  • Kodak DC3400 Kodak digital beginnings
    I love taking pictures of many things because photography is a pastime I enjoy

    I enjoy taking and sharing pictures of family and friends **all year long.**
    I take pictures **primarily of events,** such as birthdays and holidays.
    I primarily use a digital camera for business reasons
  • Seattle filmworks
  • Yahsika
  • Ricoh
  • Pentax
  • Olympus
  • Nikon
  • Minolta
  • Contax
  • Cannon USA makers of 35mm cameras
  • Slik
  • Tamron