What did Merckx Ride?

This cronology assembled from archives of the Classic Rendezvous email list.

Year Team Bike(s)
1965 Solo-Superia Superia (stock bike)
1966 Peugeot Peugeot (stock bike)
1967 Peugeot Peugeot (stock bike) and Masi
1968 Faema Masi
1969 Faema Marcel Van der Este (Belgian builder)
1970 Faemino Pella (or Pello) Torino, Italy
1971 Molteni Colnago and Kessels
1972 Molteni Colnago and Kessels
1973 Molteni Colnago and Kessels
1974 Molteni DeRosa and Kessels
1975 Molteni DeRosa and Kessels
1976 Molteni DeRosa and Kessels
1977 Fiat DeRosa
1978 C&A ?

Corrections are welcomed.


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