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New Links

  • ( ximian / gnumeric )
  • - News from the Bazaar
  • The Sound Blaster Live! - Linux Page
  • comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
  • gocr
  • primer on the domain name system
  • mysql and a O'reilly book on it
  • Oracle you can have the oracle8i database and sql, two use free for the downdoad
  • The new QNX Realtime Platform - GET IT FREE - for x86
  • linmodem drivers
  • Not Linux, but AtheOS - free alternate operating system for Intel architecture - GPL - looks VERY Amiga like
  • Rocklyte Systems - Pandora can create custom operating system and interfaces for linux with or without Xwindow - has amiga emulation
  • Red Hat Is Not Linux - there's more to Linux than Red Hat

  • General Linux Sites

  • Cleveland Linux Users Group hosts installfests
  • Compaq develops Linux handheld
  • redhat
  • Caldera
  • Linux Documentation Project
    The canonical set of Linux online and printed documentation.
    Linux information
    Linux information from Great Britain (very good!)
  • Linux International
    An organization for promoting the use of Linux.
  • Linux v2 Information Headquarters
    Linux 2.0 upgrade information and patches, along with other info.
  • Linux FAQ in html format
  • ACAD for Linux
  • Unix on an Amiga

  • Chris Lawrence will sell you Linux M68k on CD - either Debian or RedHat!
  • Kevin Cozens page for the Oktagon 2008 Driver Project
  • Ron Flory's Amiga/Linux Page - RedHad and Watchtower install FAQs
  • Debian
  • Wine Development HQ
  • kernel working for 68k no MMU
  • *nix on other Platforms

  • Diary on porting Linux to the DEC Alpha 3000/300
  • Linux on the DEC 3000
  • Linux for DECstations
  • Linux - DEC Alpha
  • Other Software

  • FHS 2.x filesystem
  • VMware emulator - virtual machine
  • gimp the gnu image manipulation program
  • GNOME the gnu desktop
  • gtk themes - desktop themes using gimp
  • FTP sites

  • Debian ISO CD images - roll your own.
  • Debian distribution
  • Belgian Mirror of Linux/m68k on a 2Mbps backbone.
  • To Compile Linux under AmigaDos see the file
  • THE NEW MASTER FTP SITE for Linux-m68k is at the University of Erlangen
    or here
  • Mirror of at Imperial College, London, England, via the World Wide Web.
  •, the main server for Linux/m68k official releases, contributed binaries, and more.
  • Linux operating system at the UNC SunSite.
  • A University of Erlanged (German) Linux 68K site
  • Red Hat's Linux kernel-hackers guide
  • Gateway Linux m68k CD Rom
  • Linux/m68k registration site
  • Helmut Neukirchen's Linux/m68k WWW Page includes mailing list archives, pointers to newsgroups, archives of the official kernel ANNOUNCE files, and more.
  • The Linux/m68k FAQ, maintained by Jörg Mayer.
  • The Linux/m68k Installation Guide, by Ingo Wilken and Frank Neumann. A good step-by-step guide to getting Linux/m68k up and running.
  • A new version of the Linux/m68k install guide (mostly Amiga) has been released (
  • The Linux Documentation Project
  • pa href=""> Linux Kernel Hackers Guide.
  •, home of the Linux/m68k Installation by Frank Neumann Guide and a number of binaries not found at tsx-11.
  •, a large archive of Linux/m68k sources and binaries. Some Atari-specific items, but most will work on all m68k platforms.
  • NetBSD

  • NetBSD/alpha
  • full archive at uni-erlangen
  • NetBSD FAQ
  • NetBSD FTP
  • NetBSD sources
  • OpenBSD sources
  • FAQ for NetBSD on the Amiga (Revision 4.2) (or FTP)