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New Links

  • corpwatch.org
  • Lake County Democrats
  • Nader 2000
  • FreeSpeech Internet Television
  • The Trouble With Dilbert: The Book
  • League of Women Voters of Ohio
  • League of Women Voters Cuyahoga County
  • Ohio political office directory
  • The World on PRI
  • Disgruntled/ buisness magazine
  • Amazon City Radio
  • Center for Media & Democracy
  • Social Investment Research Service
  • cheemah-project
  • Global Trade Watch from Public Citizen
  • The Case Against the Global Economy - Sierra Club Books
  • commentary on Free Media by James Di Eugenio
  • Center for Responsive Politics studies the roll of money in politics.
  • Michael Moore Downsize This!
  • Fair Extra magazine & Counterspin Radio - Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting
  • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith - The parts the conservatives don't mention are the important parts.
  • What we're up against - The Adam Smith Institute Ideas for a Free (for those who own it) World.
  • For a pretty complete introduction to anarchism check out All about anarchism
  • Articles on authoritarian socialism and the Russian revolution
  • 1921 - 1996 Remember revolutionary Kronstadt Kronstadt

  • Noam Chomsky

  • Alternative Media Project (Noam Chomsky & The Web) - Includes a Noam Chomsky archive and forums of interests to anarchists and left-libertarians (libertarian socialists).
  • Noam Chomsky Archive at Z magazine) - Famous and outspoken professor of linguistics at MIT, and one of the leading US dissidents, Chomsky identifies himself as an Anarchist and Libertarian Socialist.
  • Noam Chomsky References
  • Usenet - alt.fan.noam-chomsky
  • Noam Chomsky - Catalog of Radio Free Maine's Noam Chomsky audio and video recordings.

  • Other Views

    (open your eyes)

    ZNet" cyber home of Z Magazine.
    and the Left On-line

    Other Political Parties

    If you believe that Republicans are extreme rightist who believes that people who don't OWN companies are expendable and have no rights, and that Clinton is about a half of a step to the left of that, maybe you should be shopping here.
    If you don't believe that, open your eyes and look at what they're doing.

    The The New Party

    find out About

    a grassroots democratic party

    The Socialist Party

  • 1996 Socialist Workers Presidential Campaign - James Harris for president and Laura Garza for vice president.
  • The Socialist Party and their Hollis/Chester '96 campaign.
  • Mary Cal Hollis or Bill Clinton: It's Your Choice

  • The Green Party

  • Or look at the GREEN PARTY and Ralph Nader.
  • TheGreen Party of Ohio

  • The Democtatic Socialists

  • The Democtatic Socialists of America homepage.

  • The Natural Law Party

  • Look at the Natural Law Party - USA homepage to find out WHAT IT IS.

  • The Libertarian Party

  • The Libertarian Party homepage will give an Overview of the party and theirPhilosophy and Positions.

  • The Workers Party, USA

  • The Workers Party, U.S.A homepage for their magazine and newspaper.

  • The Socialist Workers Party, USA

  • The Socialist Workers Party 1996 Presidential campaign.
  • email the Ohio party office

  • Alternative Radio Programs

  • New Dimensions
  • Living on EARTH
  • Planet ENN, the magazine for the environment and ENN Radio and its contributing programs
  • The Environment
  • Earthwatch
  • EarthNews
  • W.I.N.G.S
  • Making Contact an international radio show that gives the listeners information the need to take action. And maybe something here.
  • Investing

  • Pax World Fund Family