Mike's Carradice Quick Release

Here's my new version

The first version worked pretty well. It did have a few problems:

  • It used parts from the now obsolete cyclo bag hoops.
  • The clamps tended to rotate on the saddle when the clip rings were closed.
  • The clamps tended to slide down the saddle with heavy loads (>15 lbs).
  • My second version basically attaches the same fittings to an aluminum bar with pop rivits. The bar is then clamped to the saddle rails in a way inspired by the Carradice Saddlebag Clamp.

    Although heavier and more complecated to make, it seems to overcome all of the problems with my first design. I have them on a couple of bikes and can move the bag easily between bikes and take it off the bike to go shopping.

    This design fits both Brooks Pro and a Swift. I'll try to post a drawing soon.

    Here's the first version

    Here's what I made this afternoon (29-Feb-2004). It's two small 60 degree slices from some 1" square Aluminum tubing. One corner is trimmed off, and there are 4 holes drilled. It is fastened to the rails of a Brooks Pro saddle with the bolts and backing plate from a set of Cyclo bolt-on bag loops. Cyclo loops are no longer available, but it shouldn't be a big project to make some similar backing plates.

    I don't know how it will hold up, but I think it will do better than the plastic quick releases held on with ty-wraps that I was using.

    Some smaller pins would be nice, and they need some attachment so you don't loose them, but it looks like it should work. My test ride was with a "dummy load" of a 5 lb. bag of flour. It did fine.

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