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Original Bike Content:

My gear Calculator Spocalc Macros
What did Eddy Ride? Colnago Dating
Reviving a Brooks Saddle Carradice Quick Release
Muscle Recovery Beverage My Mileage Log Spreadsheet
My Bikes
Other Folks Web tools

My Gear Calculator

New version(s) in 2011.
  • Additional wheel sizes.
  • Additional cassettes.
  • Bookmarking.
  • Gear Highlighting.
  • Save/Recall/Sway fixed for chrome
  • lots of bug fixes and improvements suggested by users.
  • A small HELP file (click the '?' button on the calculator).
  • Bookmarking
    On most browsers, when you press the bookmark button, every selection on the page is added to the URL and the page is reloaded.
    You can then bookmark the page and it will save your complete gear and display selection.
    A reminder is popped up to tell you to bookmark the page.
    Be sure to enter a title. It will be in the bookmark name.

    The bookmarking doesn't work like I would like it to. Most browsers don't allow programs to create bookmarks. That's too bad for web pages that play nice, but I can see why it is that way.

    If you'd like to download a local copy for your computer, you can find the files here.

    Spocalc Macros

    Want to use Damon Rinard's Spocalc spoke calculator with
    You can do it with My macros.
    You can get them HERE and add them to Spocalc.
    At the request of Peter White I added a toolbar with icons to make it easier to run my macros.
    You can get the complete spreadsheet with a spocalc toolbar and/or spocalc pull down menu here:

  • 2.0
  • 2.1
  • 3.0.
  • Microsoft Excel 2003.
  • Damon's Spocalc can be found on Sheldon Brown's web pages

    What did Merckx ride?

    I compiled a time line of what bikes Eddy rode.

    Colnago Frame Dating

    I complied a table to help in dating Colnago frames.

    Reviving a Brooks Leather Saddle

    Here are some notes on how I do it..

    Carradice Saddle Bag Quick Release

    Here is a (sort of) quick release saddle bag mount I made.

    My (New and Improved) Muscle Recovery Drink

    I made my own Muscle Recover Drink. Read all about it here.

    My 2011 Mileage Log

    It's just an excel / spreadsheet. You can download it HERE.

    The Log Data (first) sheet has a row for each day with the date in the first column.
    The next two columns are for recording morning resting heart rate and weight. I never use them, but left them in anyways.
    Next are two sets of columns for recording two separate rides a day. Each of these records the bike ridden, the miles ridden, ride time in hours, minutes, and seconds, the average speed, the max speed, weather conditions, and some notes on the ride.
    Usually, these are used for the commute to and from work. I usually note the weather conditions in the notes.
    Tucked in the second set is a column that I record a C if the ride was a commute to work or a D on days I drove to work.
    After those columns, are two more columns to record the bike and miles for a third ride of the day.
    Following that is the daily total mileage. Then miles for the year and a count of days ridden for the year. Then commute miles and days for the year.

    The Sub Totals (second) sheet shows a bunch of statistics. So if you want to know what percentage of use each bike gets, how often I had a head wind riding to work, or how much CO2 is didn't put into the atmosphere, the numbers are on the Sub Totals sheet.

    The Graphs (third) page has some graphs. Right now, it has there's a daily mileage bar graph, a total mileage / commute mileage graph, a commute speeds graph, and a percentage of use pie chart.

    There's also a Tools page with some little calculators. And an About page with some instructions.

    With the exception of the graph formatting, the sheet works fine on Excel,, and gnumeric spreadsheets.

    Useful Tools and Information on the web

    jimg's tools
  • Stem Comparison Tool
  • Bicycle Trail Calculator
  • Cue Sheet Editor
  • The Bicycle Forest - BikeCAD
    The Bike Geometry Project
    The Kogswell front end geometry calculator
    James Black and Garrett Belmont's Half-Step Gearing Designer Tools


    Everything below here is much LESS likely to be current

    but still useful

    One Stop Surfing

    Sheldon Brown's Bicycles and Frame Links, Parts and Accessories Links, and of course his Bicycle Glossary

    BikeCrawler bicycle search engine

  • Get Chapters of Barnett's Bicycle Service Manual from The Barnett Bicycle Institute or from Specialized Bicycle
  • bicycle FAQ (check out descending in ch. 9)
  • George T. Bicycling Links
  • stoney's biking links
  • A big list of links to web pages of manufacturers of Road Bicycles - probably some other good stuff there too.
  • Sidney Velo's Cycling Links
  • Cycling Links - a large, unorganized list
  • ELA Bicycle & Human Power Directory - Well organized directory of links to Bicycles & Human Power. No original content
  • Bike Bookmarks
  • Pete's Bikindex monster set of cycling links and related info

  • Two Wheel Fetish: Alternative Urban/e Cycling ezine, parts and A Journal
    Not much below has been updated recently

    New Stuff

  • the bicycle site for the common bicyclist
  • The Reynolds Redundant Up/Bent
  • Gaerlan Custom Cycles
  • Josh Putnam's Cycling Pages
  • Velorution! The Bike Info "Freeware" Site: Homepage
  • The Hub Cyclery
  • BellaOnline - The Voice of Women on the Web bicycling page
  • Team Karim - new and used bikes in San Francisco area
  • Bike Europe - news
  • Yahoo! Recreation > Sports > Cycling
  • tabula's Bike Links - lotsa links
  • MnHPVA Club House - lots of info
  • Bicycle Component Weights, by Damon Rinard - extensive
  • Surly Bikes - OK for lugless
  • The Bike Club lots o links
  • Vecchio's bicicletteria- Bolder, CO - they are into Campy!
  • Trento Bike Pages - some photos by Jobst Brandt
  • - Give Yourself the Edge! - Cycling Tips, Mountain and Road Bikes!
  • Open Directory - Sports: Bicycling: Companies: Manufacturer Resources
  • Southern California Bike Site - Mountain Bike Trails, Bicycle Information for Southern California - Bike Shops in Southern California
  • Pete & Ed Books Bicycle Collecting Links
  • Specialized Bicycle
  • velosea pedal powered boat
  • Accident Analysis and Prevention - see Robinson paper and the Scuffham paper
  • Western Australian HPV Group
  • Alex Wetmore's bicycle pages - including an XO-1 and his commuter and others - and some good, piratical info on things like mud flaps
  • European commuter bike
  • rec.biycles archives and FAQ
  • - new and vintage bikes and parts
  • BikeCrawler bicycle search engine
  • Yahoo Bike page

  • Activism and Commuting

  • The National Bicycle Green-way (NBG) in Action lots of car-free links
  • car-free newsgroup on google
  • Ohio Bicycle Federation WebPage
  • CrankMail has an advocacy page
  • eGroups : 0N-ROAD-ADVOCACY
  • Bicycle Advocacy: CHAINGUARD
  • Boulder (CO) Community Network Bicycle Center
  • League of American Bicyclists offers sources in Effective Cycling
  • BikeToWork Home Page
  • Worldwide Critical Mass Hub
  • Auto-Free Ottawa - some great car-toons
  • The UnOfficial Guide to Critical Mass, Melbourne
  • Bike To Work . com
  • How to Bicycle Commute Safely
  • Bicycle Commuting
  • Self-Propelled City - commuting
  • Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society
  • World Bicycle Association
  • Alternative Bicycles - Products & Services
  • Why Off-Road Bicycling Should be Prohibited
  • A bit about 'Effective Cycling' by John Forester (1993, MIT Press). It can be purchased from The Mountain Zone Bookstore or

  • Tech Gear Info

  • John Allen's Home Office Home Page - author of Sutherland's Handbook
  • Pete's BikIndex
  • MtbREVIEW - Techtalk Messageboards
  • Park Tool Tech Support Forum
  • Bicycle Rim and Coaster Brake Performance Paper

    Wheel Building

    The best spoke length calculator is
    Damon Rinard's Microsoft Excel spoke calculator
    It has a great database of hubs and rims.

    It (unfortunately) uses MicroSoft's Excel spreadsheet program and not everybody has that program, but there is a solution... is a full, FREE replacement for Micro$oft Office, including Excel.
    And to make SpokeCalc fully functional with, I created a Spoke Calc Macro Set for
    Just download the macro text file and past them into the's macro editor.
    At the request of Peter White I added a toolbar with icons to make it easier to run my macros. You can get the complete spreadsheet for 2.0 with a spocalc toolbar, or for 2.1 with both a spocalc toolbar and a spocalc pull down menu.

    There are a few other calculators out there on the internet:

  • A Spoke Length Calculator online here.
  • DT Swiss Ltd - Spokes
  • DT Swiss Ltd - Hints for Wheel Building - The 10 most frequently asked
  • Wheel Wizard has hub and rim data
  • Spoke Length Calculator by Dan Halem - a really nice java applet with hub and rim databases
  • zephyrus
  • wheelout
  • Sheldon Brown's wheel building page
  • wheelbuilding the Bikindex Way
  • Wheel Building home page - wierd lace patterns
  • John Allen has an article on spoke tension by ear - an article in Glen's New Complete Bicycle Manual
  • information to calculate spoke length
  • Southern Oregon Cycling Association has programs for wheelbuilding calculators
  • Wheel Wizzard spoke length calculator for Win 3.x or 95 plus an online calculator and hub & rim database
  • Roger Musson's 'Wheelpro' spoke calculator has a database of hubs and rims
  • Ben Manthey's spoke calculator
  • Danny Epstein's spoke calculator
  • Johnb Buchanan's spoke calculator
  • Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society spoke length calculator
  • A spoke length calculator
  • Dan Halem's spoke length calculator - not generic
  • A graphical spoke length calculator was here
  • United Bicycle Institute has an online spoke length calculator
  • Gearing

  • Peter Bergner's Online Gear Chart
  • Bicycle Gear Analizer
  • Gear Ratios - a new way to designate bicycle gears from Sheldon Brown
  • Southern Oregon Cycling Association has programs for gear calculators
  • a MS Excel spoke length spreadsheet
  • Analytic Cycling - tools for analysis of bicycles and cycling performance
  • Kirby Palm's Home Page bicycle frame fit page and crank length formula page

    Crank Length

  • Stephen McKelvey has pages on bicycle crank failure and accordion building
  • Thanks to my cranks comming soon?
  • Bicycle Crank Length: Some References
  • Cranklength


  • A bicycle regulator - several versions, lots of circuits, and lots of great links
  • Dan Goldenberg's Bicycle Page - lights and fender stuff and more
  • Myra's Bike Pages lighting articles and crank length
  • Myra VanInwegen's Bike Articles- good lighting articles and lots of other stuff
  • Mark built a Homemade 6 volt Battery System with a Smart charger (enter GU08J in the Maplin Code box at the top)
  • John Hillyer has a chart of rechargeable batteries and halogen low-voltage lamps
  • Andrew Henry's bike light pages
  • Internet Lighting Book - data and sources
  • Bicycle Lighting - Resource Page
  • High Power Lighting Systems
  • Bikecurrent email list on bike electronics
  • Lightbulb Voltage Regulator
  • an older version of the light regulator is here

    Racks & Fenders

  • mudflaps
  • SKS/Esge fender installation How-To
  • - Pannier Comparison
  • Blackburn Design Bicycle Accessories
  • Tubus imports and framebuilding tubus racks (pics), hubdynamos - Netherlands
  • Dan Goldenberg's Bicycle Page - lights and fender stuff and more


  • Bike Geek mechanic resources
  • The Third Hand/Loose Screws
  • The WWW Bicycle Repair Shop "the OnLine bike repair manual"

    Frame Building

  • Stephanie Monfrey's Framebuilding Website
  • a tube notching fixture you can make and use on a metal lathe
  • tubing bender for thin wall tubes (racks) from Tubus in Germany
  • an article from Tim Paterek's "Framebuilder's Gazette" about using easily removed "Nickel Silver" type flux.
  • BRINGHELI - tools, tubing, and framebuilding supplies
  • QBP - quality bicycle Products
  • Paterek Framebuilders page - INFORMATION - books (including his), videos, suppliers, design s/w and more.
  • Framebuilding & Misc Links
  • Gaerlan Custom Cycles - retail framebuilding supplies - tubing notcher & recumbent parts
  • Henry James Bicycles, Inc. Custom Bicycle Investment Cast Steel Lugs - retail supplies
  • mailing list for frame building
  • Josh Putnam's Cycling Pages frame building, and a tour of Match Bicycle (builds Rivendells)
  • Bicycle Frame Design References
  • Richard S achs Cycles Builder Cycles Profile
  • Hot Tubes Cycling - The Source for Professional Racing Frames - framebuilding class (supplies?)
  • Damon Rinard's Frame Building Links
  • Pete's BikIndex - Bicycle Tools/Lubes/Framebuilding Supplies
  • The Bicycle Forest Frame Building Links Page
  • The Brazing Book - online!
  • Braze Your Own Bicycle Frame
  • HPV Recumbent Supply
  • Jim's Home-Built Recumbent Bicycle Project!
  • Framebuilders Info Page
  • Bilenkys partistry alternative online bicycle catalog - framebuilding supplies
  • Pete's BikIndex - Bicycle Tools/Lubes/Framebuilding Supplies
  • The Bicycle Forest Frame Building Links Page
  • Welcome to All Products Online - The World's Best Products Directory for Volume Buyers framebuilding supplies
  • United Bicycle Institute Emporium titanium framebuilding supplies
  • Chris Edmunds - Building a Frame
  • Ceeway bike building Supplies in UK - Tubing, Parts, and Tools
  • Suspension pivot
  • Analytic Cycling - tools for analysis of bicycles and cycling performance
  • Garcia Custom Graphix - decals
  • Timothy Smith's (mostly) recumbent projects hosted by the IHPVA
  • HOMEBUILDERS CORNER - recumbents
  • recumbent cycle component design and construction
  • - the source for IntelliCAD 2000 information. A fully functional CAD program for free and a more functional one for $99
  • BENTECH recumbent kits and plans
  • Reynolds USA
  • Fresh Frame frame repair and refinishing + links
  • Ergobike v.1.109 (Beta): Competition Bicycle Size/ Proportions Analysis
  • Garcia Custom Graphix
  • Damon Rinard's Bicycle Tech Site - lots on composite frames


  • The Bicycle Forest has Java frame design programs
  • Icebike winter cycling clipless peddles
  • Chain Reaction Bicycles - FAQ on
  • HardCore Bicycle Science - Sheldon Brown's email list
    The Bicycle Science Mailing List
  • for some interesting debate about crank length
  • The Moustache Handlebar

  • Retro Bike Stuff

  • Classic Bicycle Rendezvous - featuring a Campagnolo time line
  • Bicycle Museum of America
  • Vintage Bike Source. Home page
  • Classic Bikes
  • Rydjor Bike Shop: Bike Collection
  • Recycled Cycles, Inc. Seattle, WA.
  • Vintage Bike Source - building an info database - stuff for sale
  • Pete's BikIndex - Vintage Bicycle Resources
  • Rusty Spokes vintage bikes 1880's - 1940's
  • Was Menotomy Vintage Bicycles
  • Dave's Bike Shed parts, want-ads, links
  • Velo-Retro sells old bike catalogs
  • RetroBicycles
  • cycles de ORO/ Classic Rendezvous has pages on USA Classics like HiE Phil Wood pedals and disk brakes and Proteus Designs Frames

  • Equipment Retail

    Local Shops:

  • Century Cycles - Medina, Peninsula, Solon, Rocky River
  • Hub Bub - Cleveland
  • Eddy's Bike Shop
  • The Bike Club in Broadview Hts.
  • The Bike Line in Broadview Hts. - looks like high end bikes, lots of links
  • Sam's in mentor - merged with Western reserve in chardon
  • The bicycle exchange (Ohio, Pa, WVa) has lists of bike shops in 440 and 216 area codes.
  • cool shops and vintage parts

  • Rivendell Bicycles once again has a web catalog
  • Harris Cyclery and a lot of other GREAT stuff TA Parts and other French parts
  • Bicycle Classics - vintage parts Campy and other
  • American Cyclery in San Francisco
  • RetroBicycles
  • Eclectic & Esoteric Bicycle Parts for Sale @ Two Wheel Fetish
  • Velo Stuff (they have cleats!)
  • Recycled Cycles in Seattle
  • OldBikes Vintage Parts
  • Vintage Velo's rare bikes/parts
  • Peter White Cycles - Many generators, lights, fenders, racks, TA Zypher cranks - COOL!
  • Wallingford Bicycle Parts - brooks saddles, tubus racks
  • RENAISSANCE Cycles - retro parts (and pictures of them)
  • Lickton's Online Cycles
  • Branford Bike
  • Loose Screws
  • Bicycle Specialties
  • Yellow Jersey in Madison, WI

  • ebay-bikes     My ebay
  • and there's always

  • Bike Nashbar
  • Performance Bicycle
  • Colorado Cyclist
  • Excel Sports
  • bike and outdoor gear clearance store
  • Icycles - Bike Parts and Auctions
  • Greenfish Adventure Sports and their ebay store
  • Chuck's Bikes
  • Speedgoat Bicycles

  • Other Shops

  • gvhbikes1 frames and parts kits (Campy and ShimaNO)
  • Wheel Werks Custom Wheels
  • Spokes & Attire -- Calgary's Professional Bike Shop
  • SJS Cycles
  • Best Bike - online bike information, apparel, parts, repair courses, and more.
  • Bennetts Bike Shop in Minneapolis.
  • Bike-Link - bikes, parts, tech tips, and a bicycle search engine.
  • Hub Cyclery, The - dedicated to the sport of cycling.
  • KMR Cycles Online Catalog - Canadian Mail-Order Online Catalog Specializing in High-end Aftermarket bikes, frames, components and accessories.
  • National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) - grass-roots trade organization that represents the interests of specialty bicycle retailers in the United States.
  • Steve's MultiSport Catalog - featuring Cycling, Running and Swimming equipment.
  • Treads Bicycle Outfitters - online cycling catalog, including bikes, primal wear, apparel, and unique bicycle products.
  • Velo Sportable - continuing our commitment to our customers, locally and worldwide.
  • VeloLinQ
  • A Gear Higher - cycling accessories company, makers of "Big Meat" Power Wedges. Endorsed by Marty Nothstein, Leigh Donovan, and Steve Hegg, Champion cyclists.
  • Bikestuff Bicycling Accessories - catalog of unique cycling accessories from small entrepreneurs.
  • GiroPoste - mail order components and accessories; European pro-proven road racing equipment.
  • Headland Bicycle Accessories - alternative designs have resulted in innovative cycling products. Products are guaranteed for life against failure.
  • Maja Gear - on-line catalog for tour & mountain bike packing accessories.
  • Physical Culture Specialty Bicycle Products - Canadian on-line mail order catalog that specializes in biking parts and a accessories. Carries a wide selection of both mountain and road bike products.
  • Price Point - road and mountain bike accessories, parts, and clothing.
  • Sandy Zona Libre - imports and exports quality bicycle component parts and accessories.
  • Topeak - tools and accessories.
  • Velocity USA - bicycle mail order accessories from Australia.
  • Spokes & Attire - - Calgary, Alberta
  • O'Neil's Bike Shop

    Classified Ads

  • The Bicycle Exchange's Current Classifieds -- Road Bikes/Frames, Part I

  • Yahoo's list of Bike Shops

    The Engine

  • Chiropractic Sports Physician - article on bicycle knee injuries
  • Kirby Palm's Home Page bicycle frame fit page and crank length formula page
  • Ergobike v.1.109 (Beta): Competition Bicycle Size/ Proportions Analysis
  • Lamson Design - custom cycling shoes to size 55!
    601 C West 2nd Street
    Contact: Don Lamson Tel: 1 970 625 0568
    Also had a web page here - appears to be gone too :-(

  • Component Manufacturers

  • Rona Components, Inc - Willow tripplizer chain rings
  • STRONGLIGHT : change your speed
  • Ritchey Design
  • American Classic Designs components Carroll, OH
  • Campagnolo
  • Campagnolo ONLY
  • SR SunTour
  • Sun Rims
  • SRAM
  • Paul components - knock-off of Mafac canti brakes
  • Strumey-Archer hubs, Brooks saddles, spokes
  • Phil Wood
  • Bell Helmets
  • Shimano
  • Avocet
  • Outdoor Patterns - quality cycling pannier kits.
  • PAC Designs - shoulder and courier bags, and cycling accessories.
  • SpinSkins - tire liners that were designed to eliminate punctures and flats using a high-tech Kevlar weave.
  • ControlTech components (46cm road bars!)
  • onza components
  • Sweet Parts
  • Syncros components
  • Syntace road and mb components
  • White Industries full line of components - cranks, rings, bb, hubs, etc.
  • Real Design components - chainrings, hubs, bb, cranks
  • CronoMetro bikes and components - new and retro
  • Craig Metalcraft superlink, mb stems
  • Cane Creek - wheels, seatposts, brakes, shocks, headsets
  • bebop clipless pedals, derailleur pullies, seatposts
  • Keywin Sports clipless pedals
  • Vittoria Tyres S.p.A
  • Frame Builders

  • Bicycle Specialties - Mariposa
  • CurtLo
  • Henry James bicycles
  • Robert Beckman Designs Sakkit Touring Bicyclestouring bikes, racks, packs, odds & ends - GOOD!
  • Witt Custom Bicycles
  • Peter White Frames
  • Albert Eisentraut frames
  • Mercian frames
  • Baylis Cycles Frames
  • Courtney Custom Cycles Bicycle Repairs
  • Laspesa Cycles - bicycles
  • Moon Cycles Web Site
  • Tempe Bicycle hand made frames by Colin Laing
  • Strawberry Cyclesport Handcrafted Bicycle Frames
  • Ogle custom frames
  • Waterford Home Page - frames & bikes
  • Bontrager Cycles lugs
  • Bruce Gordon Cycles real touring bikes
  • De Rosa snc Biciclette Bikes
  • Finnpeak Cycle Bike Company
  • Joe Breeze Cycles
  • Kelly Bike Co. - more custom than a mass produced bike frame, a production Kelly® takes advantage of race ready frame designs that have become our standard.
  • Merlin Metalworks
  • Spectrum Cycles - master framebuilder Tom Kellogg makes affordable, high-quality bicycles for professional and amateur cycling enthusiasts.
  • Stevenson Design Group - We design and produce a full line of no compromise framesets for bicycle enthusiasts.
  • Ted Wojcik Bicycles - designed with the rider in mind; semi and fully custom bikes.
  • Waterford Precision Cycles - builders of specialty high performance racing and touring bicycles.

  • Bike Manufacturers

  • Miyata
  • Seven Cyclesframes - titanium, carbon, steel, aluminum
  • AEGIS Bicycles - centered on performance.
  • Atlas Cycle Industries, Ltd.
  • Bianchi Bicycles
  • Bike Lab, The - professional bicycle products and services including custom road, mountain cross, and specialty bikes.
  • Boulder Bikes - creators of full-suspension mountain bikes, road bikes, and tandems.
  • Byke Kar - for business or pleasure, these robust, safe, reclined-seat cars offer a completely new perspective on exercise.
  • Cannondale - info on state of the art bicycles and sponsored pro riders.
  • Cinelli
  • Co-Motion Cycles Inc. - makes tandem, folding, custom, road and touring, mountain, and titanium bicycles to fit everyone.
  • Coyote Ultralite - UK based manufacturers and world wide distributors of Coyote Ultralite Easton bike frames.
  • Cycle Therapy - with over ten years experience and four national championship titles, Keith Anderson specializes in custom bicycles and refinishing.
  • CycleLink - sponsored by Bicycle Industry Organization. List of Manufacturers.
  • Cycleurope - manufacturers of racing and mountain bikes, including the Peugeot Cycles brand. Information about the product line and sponsored racing teams.
  • Dogma Bikes
  • Emory Manufacturing Company - 40 years in the bicycle business, manufacturing a complete line of high quality bicycles.
  • Falcon Cycles Ltd
  • Gelingen International Co., Ltd.
  • Giant Bicycles
  • Griffen Ceramic Metal Frames - ceramic metal matrix bicycle frames, both road and mountain frames. We can manufacture custom frames and can sell complete bicycles.
  • High Velocity Bicycles - makers of high performance triathlon, road and mountain bikes.
  • Ibis Cycles
  • Kestrel - specializing in one-piece mountain, road, and triathlon bicycle frames made out of carbon fiber.
  • KHS Bicycles
  • Klein Bicycle Corporation - everything you want to know about Klein bicycles, the company, Gary Klein, the products, the technology, and the race teams.
  • Kästle Bikes - mountain bike, road racing and leisure cycling.
  • Muddy Fox - manufacturer and distributor of quality, professional bikes.
  • Oxford Bicycles of Canada Inc
  • Quintana Roo
  • Raleigh USA and Raleigh Cycles
  • Ross
  • Ryh Shueonn Co., Ltd.
  • Salsa Cycles - frames, handlebar stems, wheel quick releases, handlebars and a whole lot more fun stuff for living the high life on and off a bike.
  • Scapin Bicycles - road bicycles and mountain bikes with the most sophisticated modern technology.
  • Slingshot Bicycle Company - suspension bicycles with optional folding frames.
  • Softride
  • Specialized Bikes
  • Sundown Bike - ultimos lancamentos de bicicletas, e dicas super-espertas para voce que gosta de andar de bicicleta; bicycle company page with the latest models and tips on riding - in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Torelli Bicycles
  • Trek Bicycles and Greg LeMond Cycles manufactured by Trek
  • Ventana Mountain Bikes USA - designs and builds road bikes, aluminum mountain bikes (full suspension and rigid), mountain tandems.
  • Wheeler USA
  • ZIPP Speed Weaponry - High Performance Carbon Fiber Competition Bicycles for Road and Track.
  • Recumbent Bikes

    RCN - Recumbent Cyclist News Online


  • HP Velotechnik - Products - Street Machine Gt cool, full suspension recumbent Wademan's Home Page Palm s/w FAQ maintainer and recumbent cyclist
  • Rans
  • APS Recumbent & Electric Bicycles
  • Ryan Recumbent Cycles, Inc. - manufacturer of recumbent bicycles; all sales are customer direct.
  • Brox - human powered load carrying recumbent with a modular body design.
  • Aerobikes - Recumbent cycle, providing the ideal formula for all serious touring and commuting cyclists.
  • Practical Innovations - the Thunderbolt and Zephyr are recumbent style sports trikes.

    Info & DIY

  • wooden bike frame - recumbent plans in pdf format
  • IHPVA - Practical Innovations
  • recumbent cycle component design and construction
  • wooden bikes
  • trike links
  • Mueller Human Power: Art and Motion various hpv's / artwork
  • A home built recumbent and a cool bikes page at the Chicagoland Recumbent Riders page
  • Worlds largest Recumbent site + surfbike
  • The computer/recumbant bicycle guy
  • Zach Kaplan Cycles - some cool custom gearing stuff, recumbants...
  • Recumbent Bicycle Resource Site. - featuring adult tricycles, three and four wheelers, dealers, streamliners, fairings, windscreens, recliners, and accesories.
  • FutureCycles - recumbent specialist and a member of the Association of Cycle Traders. We specialise in alternative cycles as well as stocking a range of quality conventional cycles.

    The following from the bikeroute

  • Backsafer The Indoor/Outdoor Recumbent
  • BikeE The Next Step in the Evolutionary Cycle!
  • The Blackbent/Redbent series - This is the one I like
  • Easy Racers For 180 degrees of stereo scenery
  • Haluzak, Bicycles by Home of the Suspension Off-Road Recumbent
  • Human Powered Machines Car-Free Tools from the home of the Center for Appropriate Transport
  • Infinity Recumbent Long wheel base economy since 1981
  • Lightfoot Cycles Safe, Comfortable, Efficient and Useful
  • Lightning Cycle Dynamics Race Across America's Fastest Bike Ever
  • Linear Folders & the All-New CLWB Rocket!
  • Organic Engines Making HPV's for Transportation
  • Radius An all the Rage Sensation from Germany
  • Rotator Steamlined Bicycles The Ferrari of the Self Propelled
  • Ryan Recumbent by Longbike - The World's Most Comfortable Bike
  • S-B Recumbents Recumbents for Every Type of Rider
  • Trailmate The name in adult trikes (20 years), affordable recumbents and bikes for the physically challenged
  • Vision Recumbents Ride into the Future with Us!
  • Werner Advanced Bicycle Design Home of the unique hub suspension recumbents

  • Zines

  • The Bicycle Trader
  • Hideous White Noise bicycle messenger magazine from Toronto.
  • Cycle Touring and Campaigning - British Zine
  • Bike Culture Quarterly which also includes Bicycling - British Zines
  • Cycling Plus - British Zine
  • pro cycling British Zine
  • Recumbent Cyclist News
  • Bicycle Online - features on racing and touring, product reviews and free non-commercial classifieds.
  • Bicycle Exchange - covering Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania; includes Events, Features, Classifieds, Shops, Clubs, Ask the Mechanic and more.
  • Bicycle guide Magazine
  • Bike Culture Quarterly & EnCYCLEopedia/Open Road - two internationally-edited, full-color bike magazines providing practical proof that we have real transport alternatives.
  • Bikesite - original content and gleanings from Internet resources that provide one-stop-shopping for online cyclists.
  • Canadian Cyclist
  • CrankMail - mini-magazine serving the interests of bicycle enthusiasts.
  • Cyber Cyclist - Cybercyclist brings cycling to Cyberspace. Monthly coverage of world cycling events and issues, bike tests, cycling products and racing.
  • CyberCycle - for those whose passions include cycling and cyberspace.
  • Cycling Times
  • Out Your Backdoor
  • Ride the Web - web-zine concentrating on the experience of a ride, tour or vacation.
  • velojournal - Information on politics, travelling and technology related to bicycles.
  • VeloZine
  • Webcycle - rhymes with "popsicle"; devoted to bicycling and the Internet.
  • Winning Magazine

  • Bike Clubs

  • Bicycle Clubs in the U.S.A. - club listings and lots of links
  • Crank Mail
  • Western Reserve Wheelers
  • Cleveland Touring Club
  • Lake Erie Wheelers
  • Ontario Cycling Association
  • League of American Bicyclists offers courses in Effective Cycling
  • Pete & Ed Books Bicycle Club Links
  • IHPVA - the International Human Powered Vehicle Association

  • Bike Info Pages

  • Cyber Cyclery - Covering all aspects of cycling, Cyber Cyclery provides a wealth of information along with sites for a number of manufacturers, tour operators, publications, organizations, and race teams.
  • Collinsworth, Sean - certified Effective Cyclist and police cyclist instructor, and expert witness for bicycle accident litigation.
  • Cycletech Interactive - bicycling products, news, links, and information, including an online swap meet and trails guide.
  • United Bicycle Institute - technical school offering courses in professional bicycle mechanics, shop operation, and frame building.
  • BikIndex lots of bike links and info
  • Intersection ONLINE a car free web site
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