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What did Eddy Ride? Colnago Dating
Reviving a Brooks Saddle Carradice Quick Release
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My Gear Calculator

New version(s) in 2011.
  • Additional wheel sizes.
  • Additional cassettes.
  • Bookmarking.
  • Gear Highlighting.
  • Save/Recall/Sway fixed for chrome
  • lots of bug fixes and improvements suggested by users.
  • A small HELP file (click the '?' button on the calculator).
  • Bookmarking
    On most browsers, when you press the bookmark button, every selection on the page is added to the URL and the page is reloaded.
    You can then bookmark the page and it will save your complete gear and display selection.
    A reminder is popped up to tell you to bookmark the page.
    Be sure to enter a title. It will be in the bookmark name.

    The bookmarking doesn't work like I would like it to. Most browsers don't allow programs to create bookmarks. That's too bad for web pages that play nice, but I can see why it is that way.

    If you'd like to download a local copy for your computer, you can find the files here.

    Spocalc Macros

    Want to use Damon Rinard's Spocalc spoke calculator with Libre Office?
    You can do it with My macros.
    You can get them HERE and add them to Spocalc.
    At the request of Peter White I added a toolbar with icons to make it easier to run my macros.
    You can get the complete spreadsheet with a spocalc toolbar and/or spocalc pull down menu here:

  • for LibreOffice
  • Damon's Spocalc can be found on Sheldon Brown's web pages

    What did Merckx ride?

    I compiled a time line of what bikes Eddy rode.

    Colnago Frame Dating

    I complied a table to help in dating Colnago frames.

    Reviving a Brooks Leather Saddle

    Here are some notes on how I do it..

    Carradice Saddle Bag Quick Release

    Here is a (sort of) quick release saddle bag mount I made.

    My (New and Improved) Muscle Recovery Drink

    I made my own Muscle Recover Drink. Read all about it here.

    Useful Tools and Information on the web

    jimg's tools
  • Stem Comparison Tool
  • Bicycle Trail Calculator
  • Cue Sheet Editor
  • The Bicycle Forest - BikeCAD
    The Bike Geometry Project
    The Kogswell front end geometry calculator