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Porsche 914 and 914/6 from 1970-1976

This is where I hope to put more information about the Porsche 914.
For 914 enthusiasts, there is usually at least one 914 at the SCR solo2 events, come on out and see what you can do!

I used to own a 1974 914/1.8 that I bought for $500.  I had to put new Weber carbs on it (it had already had all the sensors cut, computer disconnected/rusted and had Dellorto carbs on it) and played around, various repairs like new clutch and throttle cables.  The front had already been converted to 5 lug and had the Fuch rims but the rear was never converted.  I ended up selling it for $700 (cost of the carbs alone!!) without ever racing it.


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