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The other affordable midengine car.

This will be remaining at the top for a long time to come!
I have to thank Bill for the opportunity to drive his car at the June 5th SC autocross!
Bill was kind enough to allow me to co-drive his 86 MR2.  He has a J-spec supercharged motor installed with an overdrive supercharger pulley.  The car is pretty strong motor-wise and the suspension allows much more tweaking than I have done before.  It was also my first opportunity to drive on R-compound tires.  That is a whole new experience and I found my adrenaline running just like at my first autocross.
For now, I am planning on co-driving with Bill again at the Laurens divisional.  As long as nothing comes up between now and then for either of us, we should do a good showing at the event!
Well, Bill wasn't able to make it to the divisional event at Laurens due to engagements at work so I drove my TDI Golf.  I wish Bill had made it, it was a great showing for MR2s.
Jeff was kind enough to let me drive his 2ZZ MR2 at the BMW plant.  I can't thank him enough.  I can't add pictures now becaus I am out of the country but I wanted to add this to thank him for the gracious use of his car.
I liked this car quite a bit and would love to get one if Toyota would produce it so that they could work the kinks out.  I never put in a time that I liked (I found it hard to get used to and kept losing it on the off camber turns) but got 4th.  That was behind Jeff, Bill and then Caleb but not to bad of a showing.  I will try to get my wife to add the picture of me backing through the finishing lights at the end of my second run.  The car was fun and sounded great when it switched to the higher rpm cams but the whole thing felt a little abrupt for me.  Jeff was running on Yokahoma ES100s and they did pretty well, they put us within a couple of seconds of Bill which I think is commendable for a street tire.  His suspension was also stock so there is room to play with the car and make it a great local autocrosser and possibly a Divisional level car.

This page will be for the Toyota MR2 and my experiences racing it and against it as well as links to other good sites.
I began autocrossing in a 1991 MR2 2.2 with a 5 speed.  I loved the car and it was very fast for my first car.  I went completely stock except for a K&N filter.  The rest was just a well maintained car, well optioned.  I still don't know how I did compared to the majority of other participants in Solo 2 but I had a blast.

The next car was a 1986 MR2 with a 5 speed.  It was like a go-kart and was a blast.  I had it lowered with Intrax springs and worn out struts.  16 inch rims and all season tires (oops!) finished up the suspension.  The motor was bored .030" and I had a TRD header mounted to the stock exhaust with a couple of exhaust leaks to "reduce back pressure".  I never got around to putting a SuperTrapp on the car.  I did very well with this car in CSP but couldn't win against Ian Stewart at the Dixie Region events.  I even added the required speed stripes but it only shaved a few tenths off of my times, no where near enough to beat Ian's Miata.

Currently, I have no MR2 but I still think about both the MK1 and MK2 from time to time.  Maybe I will buy my wife a MK3 for "her"?

Earlier this week, I found out the neighbors down the street bought a MK3 MR2.  I will do a write-up if I get an opportunity to drive the car.  Their main concern is looks though, so I don't think I will get to autocross the car.

I have seen the future and it is a 2ZZ (Celica GTS engine) in the MK3 MR2.  The owner ran against an S2000 recently and they were neck and neck up to ~100 mph.  This should be a great car and I can't believe Toyota isn't going to do this.  It is the most logical step for the car and I have been asking dealers about it since 2000.
For those of you who don't follow cars religiously, the 2ZZ was also selected by Lotus for the Federalized Elise being released around April 2004 as a 2005 model.  They modified the engine and computer a little to get 190 HP and a meatier torque band.

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