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America's only midengine car to date.
This section is dedicated to improving your Fiero for the street or racing.

This is a thanks to another Bill, Bill Reiter.
I went to the May 30th Brawl at the Mall in New Bern, NC just a little down since my Fiero GT was totalled.  I went anyway because Bill offered to let me co-drive his ITB Fiero (FSP at the autocross).  This car made me look at the 2.5 in  a whole new light, my 87 never pulled like this car does!
There are a few bugs to still be worked out but his brakes were awesome and I really liked the suspension, I hope he continues to tweak the car, there is more potential there than I expected.  I also experienced another first, nearing the finish line I got a little oversteer at full-throttle.  I have never gotten anything other than terminal understeer or a power slide and it was a nice experience.

The Pontiac Fiero was introduced in 1984 with a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine dubbed the Iron Duke.  It was mated to a 4 speed manual or 3 speed automatic.
In 1985 a 2.8 V-6 was added to the line up and a 5 speed was put in for the 4 cylinder while the V-6 kept the old 4 speed.  The 5 speed was a unit manufactured by Isuzu and was not considered strong enough for the V-6.  This was the first year of the GT and was the only year that the GT was a notchback style.
In the middle of 1986 the V-6 was given a 5 speed designed by Getrag and built by Muncie and the GT was updated by giving it a fastback design and new tail lights with multi-colored lenses.
1987 had mostly cosmetic changes to some of the trim levels.
1988 got vented 4 wheel disc brakes and a revised suspension that removed the bump steer problem of the earlier cars.  A rear sway bar was also added and the rims were staggered in sizes to better balance the car during cornering.  The engine was also balanced differently from the 85-87 V-6s.

I will add links to sites that I find useful in the preservation and preparation of my Fiero along with my personal opinion about the site.
I also welcome advice from fellow Fiero owners and their opinion of the links that I have provided.

An excellent source of parts for the preservation of your car.  I also liked the Eibach lowering springs that I had on my 86 SE.
I have found some good deals from time to time from various people on eBay.  I recommend keeping an eye on Fierodave's auctions, v8Fiero's auctions (that is where I got my first short shifter) and as a source for a decent headlight motor for your 87-88 Fiero.
Turbo kits.  I will be looking into that more as time goes by but I am still a fan of the naturally aspirated engines.

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