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When I update this page, it will be my take on the Solo 2 events that I have participated in.

VIR exiting turn 3
This is the best place to see the Lotus Super Seven passing everybody that blew him away earlier.

Most recent events:

May 30th Brawl at the Mall

This was a fun event with a good course design but was also my first wet autocross.  Despite the weather and the fact that there were a lot of new people that needed more instructing on DNF/cone penalties the event went pretty smooth and got a couple of dry runs at the end of the day as well.  I commend the job that the officials did in keeping the event going even though the timing lights wouldn't work (technical difficulties/accident in route to the event).
The results were kept by hand so they are not posted yet but I am pretty sure that I got first place in FSP.

I skipped the rest of the Autocrosses in April, I just couldn't bring myself to go out and race again yet.

NCR autocross (April 3)

WOW!  This was such a great event!  I will be doing a better write up later but I had to get this in now.  This event was fast, using elements from National events over the past couple of years.  I wish I had more runs, I was settling in and getting faster each run.  With the exception of my last run, I ran faster even when I made new mistakes.  My last run however, I over-cooked the last slalom so bad that I was amazed I didn't hit any cones during my slide.  I think that was going to be a solid 48 second run.  My congrats to all the MR2s that showed up, they took all the trophy postitions and only one Miata kept them from holding the top 6 positions.  Several of them came from the Atlanta Region and they were fast.

Central Carolinas Region autocross (March 14)

The Central Carolinas event was similar to last month's, the course was basically the reverse of the February course.  Similar to last month, I placed 8th of 9.  I have changed my signature on SCR's website to reflect some of my angst at the Miatas.  I also think that I will run in the tire class if I don't have my car aligned soon.  I still might do that as it seems that most of the cars in my class had race rubber and I won't be running anything better than the street tires I have now.
You may also notice that Joey Sutton went from 6th to first (he has some nice new Hoosiers to help him take the trophy for the year.  Also, I improved my time by about a second from last month even thought the course had an extra slalom from last month.

North Carolina Region (Twin Rivers Tango Feb 22)

This was the first event that NCR has held in many months and their series is a fledgling.  I was still impressed, there was only one stoppage, a timing error that was fixed promptly and never resurfaced.  There was also a rather large group of SM and STS vehicles at this event.  There were many of the local Marine population there to watch their friends and participate.
I talked to several (an old friend as well) and they are looking forward to future autocrosses and the future SCCA drift competition.  They mentioned that a couple of the people they were their with were also drag racers and would be participating in drifting when it comes to the area as well as future autocrosses.
I placed 3rd (last place again) behind two MR2s, 4 seconds behind the 1st place MR2.  I was glad to be in a Midengine-only class (de facto) but I would like to have been closer to my competition.  I was told after the autocross that both of the MR2 drivers are nationally competitive and their cars were well prepped.  I think I could have made another half-second on course with a little more care on course during the walk-through.  The surface wasn't too grippy, but still average, for asphalt and mostly level with only one off camber turn (the first 180 setting up for the 1st slalom.  Yes, they had two slaloms, the second one looked short at first, but in practice, the following gates seemed like a continuation of the slalom putting the whole thing on a curve.  I never got that down and I watched the MR2s fly through there, I definitely need to practice my technique and remind myself to slow down earlier.
Right now the Fiero wants to understeer moderately and lift throttle over-steer quickly (I like that most of the time).  I will be trying a couple of minor mods to reduce the understeer, after the two events this weekend I realized that the neutral state in my car is only under slight deceleration and is a very fine line between understeer/oversteer.  I need a slightly larger envelope to match my driving style.

South Carolina Region (White Knoll HS Feb 21)

Saturday was a pretty day, temperatures weren't too cold and the wind slacked off as the day went on.
White Knoll is a pretty big parking lot with no big changes in elevation/camber so the course remains pretty consistent from one turn to the next.  The turn out was huge (over 100 cars) and with 5 runs a piece, we were there until dusk.  This is the first time I have had to race the sun!
There were only three competitors in ES, I placed 2nd behind the Miata and ahead of a convertible RX-7.  Andy said he will be bringing his RX-7 coupe next time, I think he will be closer competition for me then but I have my sights set on the Miata now.  The car and I both did better at this event and I am increasing confidence in my belief that the car will be competitive in ES.
Of the other classes, STS/STX and SM/SM2 I believe were the largest classes there.  In SM2 there was a MK3 MR2 with the ZZ2 (Celica GTS) engine.  When the car is completely sorted out, I am looking forward to a couple of drives in it and I will definitely add it to the MR2 page!

Central Carolina Region Autocross (Knight's Stadium Feb 8)

The February 8th event drew a large crowd of ~136 people.  This was a pretty large event and a cold day so runs were limited to 4 with no fun runs at the end of the day.
The ES field had a much better turn out than previously attended events (9 competitors in the open class).  I had a dismal showing of 8th place.  The car had better but I was driving like crap after two runs.  I had several massive slides that killed my times and at one point missed a shift and just coasted across the finish line.  I would have had 7th at least if I had not just given up on the run.
After the event I wondered why things felt so bad so I did some more checking, I have reduced my track by nearly an inch with the new rims that I put on.  This certainly isn't helping me any but I don't know that it was responsible for such a poor showing for me.  I know I have better and I believe the Fiero has better as well.  I will give the car a full season in stock before I decide whether it won't be competitive with me, then I will move it to CSP or SM2.  I suppose in all fairness, I really need to get an alignment as well!
The event its self was a nice event.  There was a refreshment stand on site serving hot cider and cocoa and all the stoppages were due to drivers hitting the timing lights or being improperly registered.  If I have the time and money, I will definitely be at more of their events, it was well worth the money and the trip.
Next time, I will show up early enough to make sure the racing line has been swept!

South Carolina Region Autocross (Florence Civic Center)

E Stock class
I was the only participant in my class at this event!  Where are the rest of you at?
This was the first event that I got to drive my newest Fiero in.  I feel the event was a success as it is also the first opportunity I have had to Autocross a Fiero.

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