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Please take a look at the MR2 page/results page for a thanks to Bill!  I have to add Jeff as well now!

This site is to share my love of racing and midengine cars.  I will share tips and tricks as well as evaluate the races that I go to.
Also, please check out my wife's site Mundane Musings.

My Fiero was totalled in early 2004.  My wife is OK but she was T-boned by a lady that said she stopped for the stop sign.  I have never been in a Neon that could build up that kind of speed in the space of one lane though.  The police gave her a failure to yield ticket and the insurance company gave me $5286 for my car (I had them do a market survey to get an accurate accounting of the value of low mileage).
I have agreed not to buy a replacement car since I am out of country now.
I have also sold my 86 325es before leaving.  I am missing driving let alone racing!!
I intend to try and keep the site updated for events and it will remain dedicated to MR cars.

Well, I have begun the long process to return to racing.  Step one was to buy another mid-engined car.  I looked for a couple of months for a fastback Fiero GT with a Getrag 5-speed.  After a couple of missed opportunities, I gave up and bought a RHD MR2 from the UK.  I had several problems with the car during the trip home and immediately after.
As my luck tends to run, the day after I got the car home and registered to me, I found the Fiero...  So, now I have sold the MR2 and returned to the Fiero.  I have some important safety items to fix on it (easier than the MR2 fortunately) and then I can begin the sport mods for the car.  Again, as luck would have it, Uncle Sam is sending me to the desert during the short racing season here so I will be able to save money for modifications.
I hope to do an engine swap later this year with the driveline from the Pontiac G6 (or other GM equivalents).  As this site is dedicated to autocross, I probably won't document the swap here but I may add a page or a second site.

Fiero GT
America's midengine car

Upcoming events

This is still going to be a little cheesy for a while but I am trying to start racing again and will have stuff to update once I am racing.  I will also try to compile good places to race in Germany...

1 on 1 motorsports (Bitburg, GE)

Help needed

OK, I need some help already.  Anyone willing to share their set up secrets for Solo 2 events, please send me an E-mail.  I will make a table and display for everyone what other people have successfully used in competition.
I would also like more information on inexpensive midengine cars to add to the site.  I am going to work on finding more information on the Fiat X1/9 now and then perhaps the Lancia Scorpion.

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