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The concepts of "Smart Quality Growth" must be an integral part of our Strategic Plan to protect the overall health of our district and the entire county. Utilizing strategic planning concepts, maintaining our unique individuality and supporting the "Best Practices" of sustainability is an obtainable goal for our District and county.

There is no excuse for the burden of infrastructure for new development to be on the financial backs of current residents; nor is there any rational argument for overextending our transportation capacity to the point of gridlock. The property values and the quality of life (property rights) of current residents must be protected. The rights of developers and land speculators, already protected at the federal and state level, should not take precedence.

Sustainable growth is not a new concept; in fact it is one of the basic tenets of good planning. We have a responsibility to our residents to make sure we do not allow over-development to exceed the capacity of the area's economic or natural resource support systems.

This issue does not stop at city and county boundaries. I will work hard to ensure our growth remains sustainable and our quality of life is not compromised. I will work with the cities to ensure our district is protected from the dangers of unsustainable growth.

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