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In this time where our core space industry and NASA are realigning goals, our County Commission is responsible for protecting the economic health of our county. The importance of financial security for our residents cannot be overstressed.

Every effort must be made to attract clean, secure employment opportunities to Brevard County. In a climate of climbing fuel and food costs, adequate paying jobs are a critical component of our county's future.

In addition, serious effort must be made to assess and support employees who require cross training during this transition period. Forums are currently being held to determine the concerns and needs of both employees and management at KSC. There are changes occurring daily within this dynamic issue.

There is also a component of National Security that must be considered in terms of the Space Station accessibility, communications networks and defense systems. All aspects must be carefully considered as we work to protect the economic stability and security of our citizens.

Unfunded state mandates and the local government services required for over a half million residents must be evaluated in terms of efficiency, cost effectiveness and security. Waste and redundancy must be eliminated immediately.

Strategic planning should be used to identify short and long term goals and objectives that must be implemented to save taxpayer's money, improve services and maintain the quality of life our Brevard County residents deserve.

Contact Maureen for District 1 County Commissioner at (321) 639-6839 or email Maureen

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