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Suzuki Savage Mods
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I picked this bike up for $1500 on Craig's List. It was rough, with bad wiring, chewed up and broken off fasteners, muffler barely hanging on that didn't fit. I spent about $100 on new original hardware, clutch lever, cables, etc.

I added a Walmart tail light to the tag bracket by removing the tag light, cutting a aluminum plate for the back of the light, then drilling and tapping the tag bracket for 10-24 screws.

The seat foam has been thinned and reshaped, using a serrated kitchen knife, belt sander, and drywall sanding screens to get it smooth and contoured. The plastic seat base was trimmed around the edges to remove the lip, the tongue was shortened to fit closer to the tank, the bottom was ground a little to fit tightly to the frame rails once the wiring was adjusted out of the way, then the seat mounting brackets were fabricated for the new position. The original upholstery was pulled tight and restapled using a heavyduty stapler from walmart and 1/4" length staples.

The heavy battery box and air box were removed and the battery was turned sideways and tucked between the frame rails. A new battery tray was made using 1/2" angle iron rails bolted at the front to the original battery box mount and a supporting screw through a hole on the left side at the rear. New battery cables were made using brass lugs and 6 guage cable. The original cables looked to be 12 guage.

The voltage regulator was relocated from the fender to the left side, on to steel strips using an exisitng bolt hole at the top and a bolt head welded to the battery tray at the bottom. The ignition box was located the same way on the left side. I still need to make a wrap-around cover.

The airfilter was ordered as a universal tappered filter from K&N for about $35. I'm going to add a support strap to the back of the carb so the intake seal isn't the only thing holding the carb on. The original airbox provided some support to the carb.

The muffler is a stock one from a full-size Harley. I had to make a shim to fit over the savage pipe, and stretch the harley flange and clamp slightly. I made the ankle heat shield from .050" steel sheet and 1" x.125" steel strip and two stainless hose clamps. It should be nice and quiet.

I made pull back risers for the stock handle bar, using 1" DOM steel tube. 

The idle screw was broken off. I tried to get it out without success. I made a new stop by welding to the throttle cable bracket, then using a 10-32 stainless screw and the original screw spring, then cutting the boss off of the carb for clearance. 

I do have rear turn signals, with the mirrors, and new grips on order.



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