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fully enclosed commuter with landing gear planning
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fully enclosed commuter with landing gear planning

Donor bike will have chain drive for easy gearing changes. Displacement will be between 250cc and 750cc, preferrably water cooled standard class for mild tuning and better volumetric efficiency/lower BSFC.

Defrost will come from a choke cable and flapper which redirects cooling air exhausted from either a radiator or stainless steel header pipe to the windscreen.

 The windscreen will be flat, laminated safetyglass (just like whats in your car) available and cut to size at most glass shops. A wiper on lexan or plexiglass would quickly scratch it. Side windows will be tempered (just like in your car) eventually but initially they will probably be acrylic. The side windows will be removeable without tools for placement in the tapered storage area between the roof and brake lights.

The chassis tubes will extend up to the riders shoulder for side impact protection. The roof and window will lift up for stepping into the bike.

The landing gear is electric, individually deployable for stopping on off-camber roads with left and right controls and position indicators. The tires are foam core tubeless for a 300 lb load on lightweight wheels with high speed bearings. The emergency back up if the electric gear fails will be a center stand with slightly shorter legs and small solid wheels, actuated through a bell-crank by an interior lever.

The body will be 6 layers of glass weave at 45 degree angles in a polyester matrix with polyisocyanurate foam ribs for extra rigidity in specific areas. 

The headlight and tail lights will be Hella.





Gondolas in Venice; Size=130 pixels wide

A villa in Italy; Actual size=130 pixels wide