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by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

Articles on Antique Guns, Ammo and Other Neat Stuff
by Bob Shell
Burris ScopesJaguar Crossbow with Hawke ScopeA Tour of Dillon
The Goodness of Guns in Society
Reloading from Another View II
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Gun Control and Dishonest Politicians
The Winchester 351 Self Loading Rifle
Stupid Gun Laws 
Trick Loads for Shotguns
8x58 Danish & Norwegian Rifles
The 6.5 Dutch Rimmed
Teaching a Senior Citizen to Shoot
The Inline Muzzleloader
Boar Hunting in Arizona
Shooting the Broomhandle
Shot Loads for Rifled Firearms
A Discussion on Pressure
Making Blank Ammunition
Making Your Own Bullets
Preparing Your Game for the Taxidermist
The 88 Commission Rifle
The 303 Savage
The 303 Savage Pt 2
The 6.5 Military Cartridges
The 7.35 Carcano
The Other Carcano
Mosen Nagant Rifles
The French Gras Rifle
Freedom Arms 454 Casull
The Marlin XL-7 Rifle
The Nagant Revolver
The Most Successful Rifles
Unique - The Everlasting Powder
The Taurus Judge
The 577 Snider
The 577/450 Martini Henry
Crimson Trace
The Lanber Shotgun
What it Takes to Shoot the Old Ones
The Weatherby Vanguard
The Italian Vetterli Rifle
Loading the 300 Winchester Magnum
Lead Free Bullets and the Environment
Black Powder Cartridges
The 9mm Largo
Choosing the Right Gun
Gun Vandalism
Casting Verses Swaging: Which is Best?
Preparing for Your Hunt
The 30 Harrett
Shotgun Slugs
How Good is the 30-30
Sierra Bullets
The 348 Case
Teaching a Kid to Reload
 African Hunting on a Budget
Reloading for the 300 RCM
Shooting the 41 Long Colt
 Blackhorn 209 Propellant
The Savage 110ML
The 38 S & W
 Blue Lady Resort
Concealed Weapons
Straight Pull Rifles - Part 1
 Straight Pull Rifles - Part 2
Staight Pull Rifles - Part 3
The 22 CenterFires
Straight Pull Rifles - Part 4
Professional Outdoor Media Association
How Important is Accuracy?
 Hunting on the Cheap
Ruger Hawkeye Rifles
 Colt Delta Elite
Dutch Beaumont Rifle
 Barnes Book Review
Shooting the 300 Savage
 The 30 Luger
The 45-120 Cartridge
Speer #14 Loading Manual
Beginning to Reload
Rifles of WW I Allies
 RCBS Chronograph
German Guns
Rifles of the Central Powers During WWI
 The 327 Ruger for Hunting
 Lightfield Slugs
Hodgdon's New Powders - Part I
 Hodgdon's New Powders - Part II
LEVERevolution Powder
Barnes Bullet Factory Tour
Sierra Bullets Tour
Diamondback Pistols
Double Tap Ammo
Cartridge Comparison Guide
Streets of Shame
 Hawkeye Scopes
Webley & Scott Shotguns
 The Governor
The 11mm Murata Winchester M70 Featherweight The Circuit Judge
The Colt 45 Ruger American Rifle Smith & Wesson M&P 15
CMA Bullets
 Characteristics of Bulk Ammunition
Reloading by Feel
Mossberg 30-30 He Can Make Anything Firearms Guide 4th Edition