Hanigan Family History

For a complete Hanigan Family Tree see http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/. The tree is posted under the database name HaniganM. Mary Margaret Dougherty Hanigan is the eldest known Hanigan ancestor.


  1. The Hart Family Reunion (1897, Dunlap) from Therese Hart. Included are: John P. Hart, Edward Hart, Stephen Hart, Peter Hart II, Mary Moran Hart, Mary Ann Cavey Hart, Mary Jane Fay Hart, Mary Hart Purcell, perhaps Thomas C. Hanigan, Sarah Catherine Cook, Martin Barrett, James Gilroy, Ann Hart Barrett, and Rosanna Mary Hart Gilroy.
  2. John Thomas Hanigan Family (c. 1908) from Michael Thomas Hanigan via Judy Smith. Included are: John Thomas, Agnes, John Carlisle, Lola, Rose Catherine (Schmitt), Mary Jennette, Thomas Michael, Sarah Elizabeth, George, and Eva.
  3. Mattie Henney and Eva Hanigan (c. 1906) from LaGene Webb.
  4. Eva, Lola, and Agnes Hanigan (c. 1913) from LaGene Webb. Apparently a class picture from an unknown country school. Nadine Stender's mother is labelled as being in the picture. There are also a number of other unknown children. Eva Hanigan was apparently the teacher.

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