The Hart Family Reunion (1897, Dunlap)

Hart family reunion in 1897 at the Ann Hart and Martin Barrett home in Dunlap, Iowa. Seated in chairs on the ground, from the left: John P. Hart, Edward Hart, Ed's youngest child, Stephen (standing between his dad's knees), and Peter Hart II. Their wives standing in back of them and to their left: Mary Moran Hart, Mary Ann Cavey Hart, Mary Jane Fay Hart (Peter's second wife). Standing on the porch in back of the wives (L-R): unknown, Mary Hart Purcell (her husband, Patrick, died in 1894), perhaps Thomas C. Hanigan (we have no photos for comparison), and Sarah Catherine Cook. Seated in chairs on the porch (L-R): Martin Barrett and James Gilroy with their wives standing behind them: Ann Hart Barrett and Rosanna Mary Hart Gilroy.

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