How To Play NetSet

NetSet follows the Mayfair Settlers of Catan third edition rules.  An Engish translation of the German rules is also available.  The following tips will guide you through the user interface.  Refer to the NetSet screenshot while reading these tips.

General Tips

Preparing To Serve a TCP/IP Network Game

  • Find out what the server's IP address is. To do this, the server player types "winipcfg" from the DOS prompt of a Windows 95/98 session or "ipconfig" from the DOS prompt of a Windows NT session.
  • Playing a TCP/IP Network Game

  • One player clicks the "Server" button and tells all other players his computer's IP address. The other players are now ready to connect.
  • All other players click "Client."  Enter your name and the server's IP address in the Network Settings dialog. If you don't connect in a few seconds, something is wrong. Double check the server's IP address.
  • All players must have the same NetSet version.
  • Game Setup

    The Player Region

    The Display Panes

  • The area beneath the player regions can be toggled to show any one of five display panes.  From left to right, the panes are trade, victory point totals, the bank, chat, and info.  The info pane is not implemented in the current version of the game.
  • The Trade Pane

    The Victory Point Pane

    The Bank Pane

    The Chat Region

     Taking Your Turn

    Ending The Game

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    Last Modified: March 2, 2000 - Matthew Gardner