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What is NetSet?

NetSet, or Network Settlers, is the name of a Windows 95/98 computer game based on Klaus Teuber's boardgame Settlers of Catan.  Settlers of Catan was the 1995 German Game of the Year and can be purchased from Mayfair GamesNetSet provides an interface for Settlers players everywhere to play against opponents via the internet using a TCP/IP connection. NetSet is freeware, fully available to anyone who wants it at no cost.  However, NetSet is not intended to replace the boardgame.  It is merely a tool to provide current owners of Mayfair's boardgame access to a broader range of opponents. Settlers of Catan is a very entertaining, very affordable boardgame and I encourage you to purchase a copy before playing NetSet.

The current version of NetSet supports the board game The Settlers of Catan with The Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Expansion, and some scenarios from The Seafarers of Catan.

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September 27, 2001. The Catan ICQ Active List has reached its limit of 400 users. The administrator, AxeCrazy, took it upon himself to develop a new dedicated messenger for NetSet. This program, called Meetset, does not require ICQ, has no user limit, is easy to use, and has a nice look-and-feel. Thanks AxeCrazy!

March 6, 2001NetSet version 0.62 is an attempt to fix the synchronize crash bug as well as several non-fatal bugs. If NetSet 0.62 still crashes on you, please let me know.

January 20, 2001.  I have heard from a few people that the Oceans scenarios sometimes cause the server to crash. I have not been able to reproduce this myself. If you have experienced a NetSet crash, please take the time to send me a note about it! Let me know what operating system you use, at exactly which point the crash took place, what scenario was loaded, whether you were the server or a client, how many clients were connected, and anything else that may seem relevant. I will post an update here tracking my progress in squelching this bug.

January 14, 2001.  The current version of NetSet now contains Seafarers exploration scenarios (Oceans) and random layout scenarions (A New World).

January 1, 2001.  Start the new year with some long awaited Seafarers of Catan scenarios! An English translation of the Seafarers rules is available from The Game Cabinet. More scenarios will be implemented in future versions of NetSet.

November 25, 2000.  The biggest new feature in NetSet version 0.53 is support for the Islands of Catan scenario from the Mayfair 2nd Edition rulebook.

June 24, 2000.  The networking protocols have been totally overhauled for NetSet version 0.51.  The game should be much more stable now regardless of lag.  However, the many changes may have introducted new bugs or I may not have eliminated all the existing ones.  If you notice any abnormalities during game play, please bring them to my attention.  Provide as many details as you can.

June 23, 2000.  A NetSet fan has created a NetSet Players Page for the purpose of keeping track of NetSet players.  This has the potential to become a great resource for finding opponents.  Also visit the Undernet IRC channel #netset if you are looking for a game.  Thanks Mike Josem!.

June 23, 2000.  I am aware that there are several bugs in the NetSet networking protocols.  The higher the lag between the server and the clients, the more noticable the problems.  These bugs may cause the game to become out of synch or unplayable.  The next release will deal with these issues and make NetSet a much more stable game.  After that release I plan to add the capability to load and save games, and eventually support for Seafarers of Catan scenarios.  I always welcome comments, suggestions, and bug reports.

Project Status

The current version of NetSet is 0.62 (1,139 KB; March 6, 2001). It supports TCP/IP network play for 2-6 players. NetSet requires Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT. Resolution: 800x600. Read the release notes to discover what has changed.

Download from this site (USA)

Download from Sudbury Sheepers (Canada)

Download from Ronald Wiersma's Settlers fan site (Netherlands)

Download from Melle Koning's Settlers fan site (Netherlands)

Download from Mike Josem's Settlers fan site (USA)

Download NetSet version 0.4 from this site (908 KB; February 27, 2000).  Requires Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT. Resolution: 640x480. This version supports 2-4 players and is not compatible with more recent versions.

Find out how to play NetSet.  Read about known limitations in this version of NetSet.

Links and Play Aids

Download Mayfair Settlers of Catan third edition rules from the Mayfair Games official site.

Download an Engish translation of the German rules from The Game Cabinet.

Download Meetset, a new way to find opponents, delivered by AxeCrazy.

Link to website with instructions on playing NetSet in Dutch.

Repository of User-created scenarios.

Player's Aid reference card designed by Spinn

Settlers of Catan and Seafarers of Catan are trademarks of Mayfair Games.  NetSet is not a product of, nor is it officially endorsed by Mayfair Games.

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