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MDT-P Systems Integration creates a new virtual studio platform based around the Z*Tron Projector.  All the below incorporate the MDT-P Technology. The projected images are in focus on any line or surface, thus Immersive space is possible.


MDT MILITARY PLATFORM: Different system integrated spaces are designed for specific military simulation models. A digital tool chest is provided.


COMMERCIAL METASHELL PLAYPEN:  An evolving commercial playpen space using the same tool chest used for military simulation models. Interactive Immersive Space where International artists create pre-planned television programming. Live action and computer-generated images are combined in real time with Z*Tron vision. This can take place interacting with an audience or on a movie set. We call this space, the MetaShell playpen. The playpen provides the digital tool chest for performing artists to create their own environments. This MetaShell model creates the Studio of the Future.


DIGITRON: This is a process of providing dimensional images that hover in space.  This process includes capture, manipulation of image, and Z*TRON Vision Imaging.  Digitron is possible because of the infinite focus of the projector. The images, however, are not distorted when shown on television or flat screens. The hologram is rethought.


VIRTUAL REALISTS: The Virtual Realist person is to the new millennium what the Renaissance person was to the Renaissance. This talent is savvy in many areas and perceives the next transition through a holistic view, a necessity for working with the new digital paradigm. The Virtual Realist is a consultant to the Famous artists or others who are creating content in the MetaShell playpen. 


ZEON: Person who is the new Virtual Realist engineering/ artist. A Zeon loves to design new tools and play in the MetaShell playpen. The Zeon designs content for Z*TRON Vision (ZTV) with the Digitron technique.


AFTER HOURS LIVE: After Hours Live formula TV show created in the MetaShell playpen.  The international famous performing artist interacts with their created Immersive environments (real time) with their chosen guests for live audience participation. This show is then directed through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to MetaSite Cinema Clubs so there is interaction with world audiences who are fans of the artists. The MetaRama programming goes directly to the theaters.  Artists own their shows and pay label or music publisher. 


VISUAL REMIX CONTENT: Often the artists take retro material and recycle it with new-inspired work into a seamless musical, collaborating with their friends. Video Clips can be taken from this story for promotion on MTV or Emusic, (Vivendi content delivery), MetaStar or the Meta-Light Advertising screens.


Also new comedy and music and multi media multi faceted performance artists introduce them selves through a new art form via the MetaShell.  The Blue Men, Sigrfred and Roy are examples of this type of performer. The stand up comedian can interact in environments that are projected directly to the MetaSites for group tribal participation.


The artist give 30% of their revenue to their chosen foundation or charity so the audiences know they are part of that process, especially when they down load the DVD in their homes or buy the merchandising attached.


Gypsies in Romania performing in their MetaSite bring a return to their community through great revenue from their shows, DVDs, advertising, merchandising. MetaStar distributes the show for best-tiered return. The world helps the poor in Romania.


Santana set this model when he pledged 30 % net to his youth foundation for his Grammy album and merchandising. Many feel that the great joy of having that album win Supernatural and also buying the CD and merchandizing is knowing that there was a great cause attached.


The MetaShell Playpen TV studio can be located in many cities world wide, all producing programming.


DIRECT TO AUDIENCE: The live television show is distributed directly to the audience through the local MetaSite portal. Direct to the audience is a suggested model by both the chairman of Vivende (Universal) and Gerry Levin (former Warner AOL CEO) as the next step in the digital revolution.


METASITES: The MetaSites are sites in local communities that receive the programming.  This site is also a portal and local television studio community center.  People gather in these sites to interact with the MetaShell playpen artists and others who create content delivered through the fat pipe. The local group video streams their self-produced portal programming or the MetaShell programming via broadband wireless to the homes in a 35-mile radius.  This local network is advertisement driven.


METASTAR:  Global Intranet Network delivers the best in the local MetaSite origination and the MetaShell Productions (world famous artists).  The artistís network is born, way beyond MTV and the Comedy Channel.  The MetaStar Global VPN develops as the intranet evolves.  Once an International viewer finds a local portal that they like, they can also get direct programming from that portal.  Video streaming from the New Orleans portal, the Nashville portal, or the Gypsy portal in Romania might be more exciting than network TV or MTV.


Many talented writers, producers, and programmers are moving to their chosen portal community to create the best in Video Streaming.  Great revenue is returned to the community portal, their best programming chosen for ad driven Global MetaStar.


The 911 phenomenon has shown how much people want to share, if they have a specific targeted goal.  This model offers that opportunity. By buying merchandising, they know that 30% goes to the designated fund. This model is a Global channel network concept, which is a little MTV and United Nations.  MTV is one of the most lucrative cable channels, worldwide.