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MetaZone is a separate company which has licensed the Z*TRON for specific use.

Metatron Zone Management (MZM) owns 55% of this company.

This company plans on offering an early IPO for money to build the VPN.


MetaZone Immersive min-theaters are a second stage consideration for this model.

First stage is providing the Z*TRON platform solution

MetaZone Company is structured to be an early IPO. 

Pre IPO: 10 MetaZones sites are suggested to show concept and model to investors.

This is considered a “killer application” for broadband.

This killer app will bring in good IPO money to support building the VPN network.

The IPO money will also help fund the wireless 35-mile radius community last mile solution.


The patent is licensed to “the company” for

1.  MetaZones:  Immersive interactive theaters under 60 seats.

2.  MetaZone network: Interconnected MetaZones with VPN.

3.  Does not include institutional market

4.  MetaZones are placed internationally in high traffic areas.


   The MetaZone theaters are mini- interactive Immersive theaters with 60 seats to be placed in shopping centers and other high traffic volume areas.  The Z*Tron is rear projected on a large curved screen that reaches over the audience.  This will be a 130 degree half dome creating an Immersive experience for the participants.  These theaters will be a controlled environment, which allows the whole sensory experience.  When theater owners and the studios see the affect of this technology, they will be ready to make the leap, out of necessity, because audiences will clamor for more.  





PRELIMINARY ESTIMATES: Based on 15-minute shows (3 an hour) 10 hours a day, 60-seat theater, estimated average 40 viewers per showing.    Additionally, these figures are based on the use of an existing theater room or other preexisting space suitable for retrofit. Tickets are $4 except for special showings that can be as much as a $30 ticket sale. Average daily gross from the theater is over $4000 a day and can be up to $10,000 a day, depending on the games and/or specialty venue games. An example of a special session is that the MetaZones are the site for the NASCAR grand champion virtual race. The winner of each participating MetaZone competes and the grand winner is proclaimed, winning the grand price. (This exciting race will be interesting viewing for home audiences also).



The financial projections are based on creating interactive shows for all age ranges.

The theater is also a local setting for the Internet game enthusiasts to congregate and play.

The 60-seat theater space can be used as a sophisticated private theater for special shows

The theater can be leased for business teleconferencing or more intimate feature showings.





We tap into the virtual gaming played worldwide over the Internet such as Australian dirt bike racers and many other virtual sporting events. Also there are new word game sites and games of chance.  The MetaZone takes these enthusiasts to a gathering space where they can play over a very high end VPN network.  Most exciting are tournaments between MetaZones. The interconnectivity can evolve as the process is implemented.



1.  Home gamers can participate in the network plays, the MetaZones being the local fulcrum.

2.  People at home can watch the tournaments and watch the new gamers perform their feats.

3.  This systems integration will open a new avenue for interactive game players and many creative game designers will participate in this new forum.



1. Need test bed for real time bandwidth interconnectivity

2. The local portal library concept (use the MetaZone portal)

3. Two-way communication through 35-mile radius, eliminating the problem of the last mile. 

3. It is apparent that the technology is available, but we know of no network testing the new available pipes in this way.





BASIC PREMISE: Different set of shows for age groups: small children (5-8), older children (9-12), teens, (13-17), adult, and possibly R-rated late evening                                     


THEATER ASSUMPTIONS:  These preliminary estimates are based on the theater being open for three shows per hour, 10 hours per day, 7 days per week, 4 weeks per month, 12 months per year. The theater capacity is 60 viewers and we are assuming that 40 of those seats will be filled at $4.00 per ticket.


CONCESSION ASSUMPTIONS: The estimates are based on an average purchase per person of $2.50 with average costs of 40% of revenue.


PHOTO ZONE ASSUMPTIONS: The estimate for the Photo Zone is based on 25% of viewers participating in the thrill of taking a photo of their experience home with them and a cost of 33 1/3 % of revenue to cover all costs.


MERCHANDISING ASSUMPTIONS: The estimate is based on an average purchase per viewer of product.  Our cut of the revenue would be $1.00 per viewer. $36,960 monthly per theater and $436,320 yearly.


NOTE: These figures are based on the use of an existing theater or other space suitable for retrofit, not on new building construction. Also the operation is based on 3 shows per hour in the 10-hour day with shows being approximately 15 minutes in duration.


TICKET REVENUE: Games A  (20 minutes). Ticket Sales: estimated 40 per show x 3 per hour x 10 hours per day x 30 days:   $144,000 x 12 months per year equals $1,728,000 (most theaters will want to stay open from 10 AM to 12 PM.

Games B: One hour @ $10 per ticket: 60 seats, once a day X 30: $18,000 monthly X 12 = $216,000

Games C: One hour or more: 60 seats, twice a month: $2,400 monthly X 12 =  $28,000


Note: Game B is specialty matches between MetaZones and specialty shows. Also the space can be leased for corporate events.  Game C is seeing a championship fight or other high-end sports or events on the special screen. 


ADVERTISING REVENUE (low estimate): This is based on selling advertising spots to companies such as Coca Cola, Warner Bros., Mattel, etc.  $2000.00 per month x 12 months equals $2400

Also advertising can be built into the shows


CONCESSION: Based on the number of people from the ticket revenue i.e. 36.960 people per month and 443,528 people per year. The average spending is averages at  $2.50 per person:  $1,123,820.  It will have to be decided if a beer and wine license will be gotten for adult players.  


PHOTO ZONE: Zone: 300 people per day equals 100,800 per year x $3.00 per photo equals $302,400 Merchandising: 403,200 people per year x $2.00 equals $806,400.00


Total Yearly Revenue   

Ticket Sales                  $1,972,000                   

Advertising                   $     24,000            

Concession                   $1,123,820

Photo Booth                 $   302,400

Merchandising              $   436,320






YEARLY COSTS:  These are new quick estimates


RENT - 55' x 55' @ $5 a sq. ft. (not including restrooms) (5025 x $5 = $15,125) $181,500  (the shopping center gives good rent price, because this venue is a good audience draw).




ELECTRICITY: 9,000, OTHER (phone, water, advertising, etc.) $48,000

LASER TUBES: (extras optional)  12,000        

TOTAL:  $457,700



A) LASER PROJECTOR: lease payments monthly  $125,000:


  1. MOUSE, seat computers, storage and servers: $30,000
  2. CONTROL SOFTWARE: (amortized) 5,000, LICENSES 2,000
  3. 3D GLASSES: (100 x $5) 500, SPEAKERS 4,000
  4. DATA LINK BETWEEN THEATERS: (optional) 16,500

C) FACILITY:  SCREEN 20 x 40 FT. $10,000, LIGHTING 1,000

D) ROOM: setup/construction/materials/water 40,000

F) CONCESSIONS (equipment & setup) 10,000


TOTAL FIXED COSTS: approximately $250,000




FIXED: $250,000 (lasers)  (leased 5 years @ 10% int. $5000 month; $60,000 year)


MOVIE/GAME LICENSE FEE: (over estimated) $10,000 per month for high-end popular games

The movie fees count interactive sports shows where the income will be much higher per show (PPV boxing at $15 per seat): We might want a liquor license




TOTAL NET REVENUE: $3,331,140 per MetaZone

(Movies game designers get profit sharing, if the movie game is a hit)

These movies are to be amortized over all theaters and also sold as DVDs



1. Holding company formed to lease equipment. 

2. Vendor special deals for volume purchase

3. Strategic alignment with “box” group: Play Station, Game Cube or XBOX.

4. Box group has advertisement and store in the MetaZone Theater

5. Box group provides the interactive hardware and works with our engineers for MetaZone platform

6. The Game Cube or Play Station can be considered as devices for interactivity at each seat.

7. Local programmers create their own games.

8. The Game Cube gaming software is the easiest to program (unless XBOX easy also)

9. We are told that the Play Station programming is very difficult for game designers

10.This opportunity needs to be offered and structured for the best win win situation

11.We have two test bed groups who would be suburb in putting together the cookie cutter platform



MZM contracts with local manager owner.

The manger owner is trained to handle the operation (model McDonalds)

All procedures are mapped out and two-way documentation between corporate and local is important

The manger/owner is an owner participant in the main MetaZone Company. 

When the chain makes money, the theater/owner receives more compensation

The owner/manager targets games developed by the local group that have great gamer response

He/she recommends the game for the MetaZone theater chain.

Owner/manager and the game designers are compensated for bringing in an exciting game (licensing).

Owner/manager gives feed back to corporate on audience response to shows, age interest

MetaTronics is hired to coordinate equipment upgrades, test bed reports, reporting system for VPN

MetaTronics creates the model for manager/owner collaboration through the VPN.


MetaSites could be the community portal library for MetaZones interactivity.

Local owners of MetaSites might want to be LBE owners with Meta-Lights and MetaZones.


Z*Tron Industries: regional groups do the turnkey installation and are on line for maintenance.  Also they train the manager owner or representative in the user-friendly maintenance and running of the MetaZone facility.



IPO to raise money to build the international gaming network.
IPO money will provide funding to stretch the capabilities of the backbone interactive gaming.
MetaZones interactive links give stimulation for other MZM groups to use the VPN backbone
The MetaZone is the “killer application” that also raises money to enhance the VPN.
MetaZone is lead on interactive broadband because:
            Many sites in many shopping centers worldwide
Appeals to all ages and is a fulcrum for drawing people to shopping centers
MetaZones can create a new legal lotto type betting for support of local & state issues (PR)
MetaZones: lease small shopping center empty spaces that are available
MetaZones stimulate the other interactive broadband arenas. 


COMMERCIAL: MetaZones, Meta-Light ad screens, hotels with MetaSite Studio Clubs, Arenas with MetaShells, Meta-Centers (Turnkey LBE), Specialty Cinema.


INSTITUTIONAL:  Museum’s with MPT-P equipment for sharing art work with other museums, Educational: distant learning sites with interactive MetaZone equipment, Museums creating visual art games for commercial MetaZones, Museums viewing theaters with JPL space visuals to educate about astonomy


The infinite focus of the projector will open avenues that each of these groups will want to utilize to bring in the participants.  As oil prices go up, people will be spending more time in their communities and probably participating virtually with other communities.  People want to congregate and participate. It is suggested that profit from the interactive theaters be used to produce product for the large screen interactive Cinerama formats that will be a natural evolution for these interactive theaters.


COOKIE CUTTER METAZONES:  MetaZone theaters will be cookie cutter sites a la McDonalds.  Of course as more theaters are built, the price comes down considerably. This company should consider getting the world players involved immediately.


HOME PLAY:  The home has a small dish that receives the programming from the MetaZone and allows the player to interact with the players in the theater.  The audience can win prizes by guessing who the winner is and by how many points the game was won. There can be prizes offered by the advertisers or cash prizes offered by the actual MetaZone theater chain.


NASCAR PLAYERS BUILD THEIR OWN CARS AND GET ADVERTISERS: Players build their own cars in their computers.  They often get advertisers for their cars, just like in the regular NASCAR races.  These advertisers will be happy to be more exposed in the MetaZones and over broadband for promotion of their product.  What is good about using the new broadband pipes to facilitate this game is that the enthusiast pays to attend and to race between MetaZones.  The race track, the graphics, the programming is all ready created, so we are the providers of a new space to play, with the new broad band connectivity.


THE CHUCKY CHEESE FOR GAMERS:  When group interactive sites are set and the system is structured, MetaZones will be a popular past time space for the gamers. Group interactive play

creates a vehicle for the next evolution for video streaming.  This is because the home viewers will want to watch the game tournaments. Also a tournament in one MetaZone can be watched in another MetaZone or on the BIG SCREEN at the local MetaSite.  Who knows the Specialty Cinema screens might want to watch the tournament instead of PPV wrestling.


GAME TOURNAMENTS: Tournaments watched in other theater spaces or in the homes creates a new kind of “Experience” show.  Maybe this will be the Milton Berle show of the Intranet?

Example: An actual NASCAR driver can be in the race, to add spice to the show.  Imagine one of our virtual NASCAR racers winning against an experienced driver. Virtual racing takes another kind of talent. The virtual NASCAR races can be in conjunct with viewing actual NASCAR real time races.


NEW CASINO BETTING VENUE: These MetaZones can also be placed in Las Vegas and Indian Reservations where betting is allowed or this will be a new form of sports betting for the casino industry (if that is decided advisable).  Also these group games can offer cash prices for the winners of the MetaZone races. Or a new legal betting structure, like lotto can be set up, where earnings go to state education or infrastructure needs.


LICENSING: The licensing of the technology will be for mini-theaters under 60 seats for entertainment venues. These MetaZones can also be placed in Museums and Educational Institutional for a new kind of interactive learning, but these sites will not be included in the licensing. 


THE NEW PLANETARIUM: Also in another vein a great group of enthusiasts are the Space people.  We have been talking to NASA and JPL about finally displaying their dimensional beautiful space images in a true to life forum. The MetaSites can be the new planetarium for these enthusiasts with the group deciding where to travel next: the back of the moon or to Jupiter. 


PERFORMANCE GAMING: One of the rages of arcade games is a participant dancing as sensors check if the dancer is exactly moving with the beat.  Audiences watch as the best dancer keeps time with the music, winning points, and dancing as long as the dancer does not miss a beat.  The MetaZones can also offer such performance shows or contests in a stage setting.  Games can be designed for group performances with the adding feed back sensors for dancer moving in the Immersive dome. There could also be a virtual dancer and the audience competes to see who can keep the dancer dancing the longest.  Maybe there are 10 dancers at a time and the winner competes with the other winners.


NEXT EXCITING SHOPPING CENTER GAME ARCADE:  Many have expressed interest in having a space such as this.  They see it as the next exciting arcade. Laser tag has pretty much run its course. The revenue stream is way down. We feel that 10 theaters should be installed at once in different localities so the interactivity can be immediately shown and there can be evaluation of which games are the best crown pleasers. We feel that there would be great press for these theaters and the actual experience and knowledge of this capability would be great promotion for those who have lent their support. 



40 feet by 90 feet long. 

Spaces:  hang out food and drink bar, photo booth, rest rooms

Store: Items for enthusiasts. NASCAR t-shirts, small cars, etc.  Space postures and DVDs, Games (even games sold by local game makers), promotion and sales items for the gaming box group if they are strategic partners; promotion of their games and gaming devices.  Maybe rental for games.



130-degree curve that extends over the audience.  This screen will be at least 20 by 30 feet

Each seat has 3 lights:  Lights are on when it is time for the seat participant to make a choice.

Each seat has a mouse pad and a CD/DVD slot

The NASCAR player places their car on the server for the race. NASCAR is just an example.

Dungeons and Dragon type game, the player brings their designed character to interact.

The game designer places the virtual world that has been built



Game makers gather in New Zealand, Canada, and Japan and in many other localities.

Game makers use the local MetaZone as a test bed and discover if there is audience interest.

Manager/owner and gamer designer submit the game to corporate for licensing.

Those whose games are licensed and become popular will be well rewarded.

The games can be sold for home group play.  The timing is right for this concept.

MetaZones provides a toolbox and test site for local gamers to test their wares.

When the platform is set and understood that game designers will be submitting their ideas.

It is predicted that there will be many interactive games to choose from.

Probably the best games will come from the 18 year old who is adept at the art, who has been playing many games, and has the tools most have to do the work.

In fact one of the most exciting contests is whose game is best.  The Japanese student, the Australian, or the kid from Iowa.





ADVERTISING SCREENS in shopping centers and location based entertainment sites. A large shopping center company (226 shopping centers) has talked to us about providing space in their walkways for such screens.  These screens will be interconnected and deliver specialized advertising promo, such as a Toy Story type promo for Mattel.  Movie trailers can be shown as well as special promotions that will bring the customers to the shopping center.  Shopping centers will provide the space free of charge.  The same fiber interconnectivity can be used for the advertisement screen, the MetaZone Theater and the MetaSite when they are in the same center.


MUSEUMS and Universities: Institutional Market. Also Planetarium venues.  Not only can space images be shown in these fabulous theaters, but interesting new product, IMAX style.  Being in the digital world cuts the costs of production immensely.  The Getty has digitally captured art from all over the world.  Their collection can be transported in true to life digital depiction to many other museums to be shown on the big screen.


META-CENTERS:  LOCATION BASED ENTERTAINMENT:  See the LBE called Canada Presents.  The Meta-Centers can be cookie cutter turnkey also.  Once the programming for one dome ride is set, it can be placed in domes internationally.  Content can be interchanged between Meta-Centers.  Each Meta-Center has a main hub which is connected through the VNP to Digitron, MetaTronics, Z*Tron Industries (technical service), and when needed with other sites. For instance the dome rides (METASPHERE) might interchange content.  All rides and experiences are standardized so there can be interchange of content. These can be interconnected sites all over the world.


METASITES AND THE METASHELL: Sites and production centers that use the Immersive capability of the projector as a backset, interactive set, production tool and new experience canvas for viewing digital imaging. 


SHORT TERM LEASES:  This provides Broadway, Opera and other groups with backsets and interconnectivity when needed for the preparation for the scenery backdrop and the run of the show.  It also provides a new aspect for promotion for groups in conventions, extravaganzas, music tours, and sports events.  What the Olympics could have done with a laser projector!


LONG TERM LEASES:  We would like to immediately give a proposal for the new Hollywood Bowl dome for laser projected back sets.  How about Radio Music Hall becoming a MetaShell? Maybe Anschutz might want a MetaShell in his arenas south of the border for great Latino content? 


Note:  Sony has a new GS Cube for fast imaging processing. They put 4 play stations together.

Sony could be a good partner in this process.  They have few markets for this new fast processing device. This would be a perfect venue. There are other image processors available, or our people can put together our own.  This all depends on cost.  Nintendo also says they could put stacked processing together also with their open architecture. Nintendo also state that they would be very interested in being associated with this enterprise for promotion, store site, use of their devices, use of their games.


We are setting up a management company, MetaTron Zone Management for the purpose of licensing the technology.  We want to stay well a head of any competitors and be the leading projection and system integrator of this century.  We also want to be best, fastest to market, and less expensive. We also want to be aligned with a company who has been supportive of disruptive technologies many times, and also recognizes that our technology is at least “10 times disruptive”.


We feel that the separate company structure can build momentum on their own and focus specifically on their business issues of their licensed area for better quality service and revenue growth. By setting up the holding company, MZM keeps control of the technology and keeps a strong guiding hand on the direction of each company.