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By Diane Troyer



Seven Virtual Reality Theme Park Experiences are presented in this proposal.  This proposal was written for the Canadian Niagara Falls Park Board.  Our design was chosen from many applications. The package was entered by a Canadian architecture and financing group that included Casino gambling. The Niagara board, however, is having political difficulties with the Canadian government about the planned casino gambling, so the project, as of now, is on hold.


Several group have expressed interest in this location design concept.  The groups are located in the Midwest, Bahamas. Trinidad, and Mexico.   I feel that this could be a good Vegas or Reno application for exciting new location based concepts. Not included is a WarpZone complex, which was suggested for high traffic areas.  Essentially this proposal would create an entertainment space much like the lucrative Universal Tour and Walk for a high volume tourist attraction. Costs and estimated return for each of these venues is available on request.




This show is designed for an Immersive dome reality for raising money to save the forests of the world.  Merchandising is attached, which will greatly increase the profit.  The character, Tolstar, the Forest King, is characterized after Michael Jackson. This is an example of how a famous musical performer can be attached to the project, helping write the musical score. Drawings of the characters, creatures, and machines are available on request.  Michael Jackson, at one point expressed strong interest in this technology.  We have not approached him recently.


We own 35 hours of beautiful Amazon jungle film footage that was taken 20 years ago before much of the destruction took place.  We plan to use that footage as backdrop for the forest in the dome ride.



Metatron Presents

 SEVEN Virtual Reality Theme Park Experiences

For the Twenty-first Century




Metastation is a state-of-the-art immersive train ride through a series of connected domes.  The dome sizes vary according to the Immersive atmosphere through which the train travels.  To accommodate the experience, the 24 person train travels on tracks through the interconnected domes.


The dimensional worlds experienced during the ride emanate from Metatron Imager (Laser Projector).  This is possible because laser light has the ability to focus on any shaped screen at any distance. This allows images on curved surfaces. That means domes, Cinerama, water screens, sculptures, sides of buildings, and layers of different surfaces can be used as screens. Example: the laser image hits a first screen with small openings (like a door screen). The image goes through thee holes and is also in focus on the back screen. Arc lamp projectors are unable to do this. This process gives the impression that the image is hovering in space.


Also the images can hoover on clouds and background environments.  With dual imaging multiplexed to the projectors, holographic like imaging is created.  Since laser light is polarized, polarizing screens or glasses do not have to be used.  Polarizing screens and glasses used in other 3D stereo installations limit the brightness in the images.  Thus Metatron Imaging creates the breakthrough in Immersive reality because of these attributes: 1). Infinite focus (the ability to always be in focus); 2). Holographic type capabilities; 3). Natural polarization so the brightness is not reduced as in other projection.  Thus Metatron Imaging is the major factor in creating the next exciting step in theme park installations. 


Laser projectors have been used before in such applications as the opening for the Korean Olympics and other specialized extravaganzas.  Our projector is different: 1.) Designed to be user friendly

2.) Run for long periods without adjustment 3. )High contrast and resolution images. The JVC projector that we use has electronics that accept the special computer multiplexing that is demanded for the kind of graphic realities we are building. Further, this means the domes will require no interior settings as the worlds are created with Metatron Imaging. Patrons will experience amazement, fright, and wonder in the myriad different Immersive realities. Imagine being in a tornado.  The dome allows the patron to finally experience the tornado as they look above, on all side, seeing the funnel approaching, the lighting all around, and then being in the whirlpool of the funnel cloud.  This is done with visuals, sound, smell and control of the dome atmosphere (fans blowing, train rocking, humidity raised). Once the domes, train tracks and projection is set in place, the experience can be changed, so that after mid-day, visitors can enjoy another world.


We consider merchandising to be an important part of the revenue, a la Disney and Lucas (Star Wars).  Each world that we create will be based on merchandising. 


Since Metatron Imaging is now available, we are pleased to offer this attraction for first time use for the Niagara Parks Commission.  At this first stage we have chosen to keep everything as simple as possible.  Needless to say, all things herein can and will be elaborated on should the Niagara Parks Commission choose the proposal submitted by our group.




Trains are state of the art and are available from several vendors.  Trains such as we are describing are used in the Universal “Back to The Future” ride and the “Star Wars”.  We have found a new material that is very strong that can be used for domes, without the need of columns and support.  A form is built; the material is placed on the form, much like fiberglass, and is allowed to set. The form is removed.  This is the simplest and most cost effective way we have found to build strong weather resistant domes. These domes can be placed in the inside of the power generating plant or outside, depending on the architectural layout. Various structural parts of the building can be integrated into our design plan, such as tunnels, two stories, lower eaves, etc. Once the structure is set,  the sectioning off can be structured for the different phases of the ride, or four smaller domes can be placed together for the phases. The diagram shown depicts a huge sectioned off dome with two stories to get an idea of the concept.  Either way will work once space availability and cost for both ways are studied.  Using the two stories, one dome application means that the train tracks will be more like a roller coaster application which gives a different aspect to the ride and demands designing the graphics around that movement.




We will assume 10 hours per day of average use over a given period of time

Projectors and Projector Support Equipment

Design of hardware (dome and train tracks)

Develop story and creatures for graphics and merchandising, music & sound

Build graphics, housing; and train the technical support

Installation of system (hardware and software).





This will be the ultimate theme park experience. The worlds are created by taking digital pictures of the falls and their environments.  These images are manipulated in the computer with state of the art graphic equipment.  The images are layered (one on top of the other) and built placing the characters in the worlds, eagles flying, butterflies around, the creature of the falls hovering. The worlds are built to be as realistic as possible and are projected through the laser projector to create a dimensional Immersive world so the participants feel that they are actually experiencing the Niagara Falls environment.




The first stage is the primitive Niagara Falls.  We see the pristine area as the Indians saw it.  You start in an Indian village below the falls.  A brave and his daughter are gazing at the falls and he is telling her a story.  We see an eagle flying high in the sky.  We hear the Indian myth of the creature of the falls and the train travels so the riders feel the perspective from the eagle’s eye.  We see a glimmer of the creature in the falls.  The brave and his daughter walk hand in hand behind the falls. She is asking about the spirit (creature) of the falls.  We see the rock formation and see and hear the crashing water. The Indian song sung by the daughter is heard and the participants feel they are immersed in that time period. Here, specific historical research is needed, so that a realistic design and the depiction can be approved by the Niagara Parks Commission.



The next phase is the industrial revolution.  The falls are harnessed for power.  Buildings are built. Great turbines and generators are used.  This is Niagara as a harnessed source of power.  Niagara is also an important tourist attraction.  The tourist sites are shown.  This phase is seen through a romantic couple from the states that are on their honeymoon.  Songs from that period can be heard in holophonic sound surrounding the train rider. The falls as one of the Seven Wonders of the World is stressed.  The couple is there to see the daredevil going over the falls.  The train participants experience the ride over the falls with him.  This is where submersion into the swirling waters is accomplished (virtual of course).



The next phase is Niagara Falls today.  Again the participants go behind the falls, seeing the rock formations, the built corridor.  They are in the Spanish Aero car seeing the swirling turbulent water below.  The train then becomes a helicopter and all the falls are explored from that view. Then the participants travel in a Whirl Pool jet boat, experiencing the rush of the white water as they go through the Niagara River Gorge, enjoying the area’s most breathtaking scenery.



The final phase is the futuristic Niagara Falls.   The train becomes a floating omnibus that hovers around the falls.  The music is the sound of the falls interspersed with electronic sound images. A futuristic structure is on the ledge, shimmering in the sunlight. Communication is established with the creature, which is the essence spirit of the falls. This experience is complete immersion in the falls, becoming part of the landscape.


In the Indian phase, the spirit of the falls is created in the story.  This will be the merchandising aspect.  By designing this entity that depicts the falls, the essence of the falls is materialized.  We have mermaids, Loch monsters, and water nymphs in other bodies of water.  What would be the creature of the falls?  Would it be the thunder god?  Is it female or male? Does it have wings?  Is it an angel/bird image? The Indian myths will have to be studied.  This creature is seen in the Indian story hovering in the falls.  It appears for short glimpses as we go through the industrial age and the modern times.  This dimensional creature finally really appears in the futuristic dimensional depiction as the participants become immersed in the falls.




Dome Immersive Theater is another experience that the visitors can enjoy.  In order to explain this experience the story summary is included. Keep in mind the following example is simply to give an idea of how the basic experience will work.  This story option is available, but any theme from space to ocean can be designed and programmed into the delivery system.   We suggest you review the attached Essence of the Wood material to familiarize yourselves with the theme and character descriptions of this particular experience.  Most importantly, realize that words can in no way describe the wonder and magic this experience will hold or the visions it will deliver.


We are assuming for projection purposes that the train has four open top cars, six people per car, which allows 24 riders per train. There can be up to 6 trains, the trains timed so 4 trains are each in separate environments, one train is loading and one train is unloading. The train rides lasts for 13 to 15 minutes.  Factoring in change over times (loading and unloading) that is a potential of 76 visitors every 13 to 15 minutes. If not more. 







This installation is in a half dome.  The shows are 20 minutes long and the approximate seating arrangement is for 250 people.  The seats are circular. The show is laser-projected images from the Jet Propulsion Labs digital stereo photography of space images, such as Jupiter and Mars.  This is probably the most beautiful vivid colored imagery in existence.  The depictions have not really been viewed authentically, because Metatron Imaging was needed to show the space dimensional imagery.  We will work with the programmers who designed this application to depict this planet as accurately as possible.  There is much material from this source in the fact that the Jet Propulsion Lab is now using their digital stereo technique to capture much of their travels into space.





The next step in Nightclub Theater is to have changing sets, real time, meaning that the sets change immediately in front of the live audiences, with no time lapse.  We call this configuration of technologies systems the MetaShell. Essentially what is created is a digital playpen in which the artists can create their own programming using the Metatron Imaging as their canvas. This is accomplished by having a curved huge backset behind the stage with Metatron Imaging rear projection. The sets are timed to change as the performer wishes.  The example is that Bobby  McFerrin, the jazz singer scatter is performing for an invited audience of friends. He has chosen a theme and invited friends to participate by dressing in the costumes of the era. The graphics are preset so that the images on the curved big backset create the world of the era. His theme is a thirties nightclub.  Bobby has also invited two star friends and an up and coming artist he wants to promote. He also has put songs together from that era with a story. This televised show concept is a long visual music clip, which evolves into a new type of musical. The invited friends of the star, dressed in thirties costume also participate in the live interactive televised event.  Example of interactivity: The audience is dancing the Lindy Hop.  Four dancers are captured with a digital camera and placed in the image of the thirties nightclub on the huge curved backset which is a laser projected screen. The images are digitized from old film footage. In fact Bobby McFerrin is also placed in the scene as he sings. This can all be depicted as a live television show,  “Live From Niagara Falls.” This formula allows the television audience to feel that they are also participating as they identify with the club audience.


The MetaShell playpen allows any type of show to be produced. It can be seen as a digital toolbox.  As the industry knows, few have been able to create exciting new television shows.  A new art form such as described takes sophisticated production and direction. The MetaShell allows a playpen to create the next wave of programming:  an Immersive set with real time interactivity of music combined with visual changing backgrounds.  This digital toolbox allows this exciting programming. It allows the “stars” to share how they see the music. The television fans can view another creative aspect of their favorite “star”.  Santana can share his music and also the real time visuals. Revenue comes from the ticket price, food, drink and selling the shows to the hungry television market.   Children’s shows can also be created. Example: A show where the creature of Niagara Falls is the main character and other water creatures join.  The setting is the falls and the child star interacts with the creatures.


When a television show is not being produced the Immersive backsets can create floorshows of great excitement to compete with Vegas and Atlantic City.  This venue and the combined theme concept allows the Niagara Falls installation to compete with these tourist attractions.






This new Cinerama: This digital hemispherical screened format will inspire the new environmental cinema. Many artists who are now working in the realm of special effects are excited about the Metatron Laser projector.  Exciting 3D low budget, bijou type cinema and Immersive realities are created from different boutique studios, and orchestrated/produced with the DIGITRON process.


Any film can be transferred to digital and shown through the imager of the Metatron Laser Projector.  The imager enlarges the picture and projects it on the curved screens. Warner can re-issue 2001: The space Odyssey and show it on the screen in Cinerama. Expensive lenses and computer manipulation of the image is not necessary. Roy Disney can reissue the old Walt Disney movies on digital instead of doing the expensive large format film prints for IMAX.  Films like Citizen Kane can be shown on the Cinerama screen for a whole new experience.  New digital features can be shown directly without being mastered on film and delivered on prints.


The new creator of features can use the DIGITRON technique.  The DIGITRON concept captures real imagery or takes imagery that has already been captured and computer manipulates the story, building the world digitally.  An example: Two stags fight on top of a bluff overlooking the falls.  It is night and there is a big moon hovering in space behind the battle. A still picture of two stags fighting is taken from the National Geographic archives. A large moon evening setting is gotten from other footage.  The bluff is shot above the falls by a cameraperson with a digital camera.  Ten stills are taken from different angles. All this is composted in the computer. The first layer is night sky with clouds. The next layer is the moon rising in the horizon. The next layer is the top of the bluff.  The next layer is animated images or actual real footage of stags fighting.  Their movement is created by the artist through the computer. The original stags are changed so just their outlines are used, their motions in the fight.  They are painted an iridescent blue and are made into a mythical animal, much like a Unicorn with the front horn. And the story proceeds.  This becomes effective Digitron imaging because shown through the Metatron Imager, the scene hovers in space and appears to be dimensional.


This is as effective as IMAX 3D, but much less expensive in the fact that we stay in the digital world, never going to film.  IMAX film has to be changed every two months, because many showings destroy the image. The cost to replace the print is approximately $20,000 to $40,000.  This process is eliminated by the digital method in the fact that film is not used.  Also interactivity can be built into the digital format if so wished.


Because of the rounded big screen and the DIGITRON method of dimensional delivery, a very different experience is created. The composited layers hovering in space provides the viewer a more Immersive reality. Conventional movies can also be manipulated in the DIGITRON format and provide a dimensional effect. Digitron provides a new way of seeing old movies as well as new canvas to create a new cinema format.





A small interactive Immersive Theater space that appeals to those who love computer games.   The room capacity is for 60 people.  The shows are 15 minutes long.  The audience decides how the show plays, each having their own decision terminal.  The DIGITRON technique can be used with these shows also.  There is a hemispherical screen, always part of the DIGITRON display.  The audience participates in the world. Drawings of the space are included.






This is the part that holds the other venues together, enticing the audience to want to experience the other installations.  In the evening, we see an extravaganza world with the creature of the falls hovering in the falls.  This venue can be built and expanded to always give the audience more.  It is also a vehicle to bring the tourists to the site in the evening.  Projection on the falls is possible because of the infinite focus of the projector, the ability of the image to travel for a long distance, and the vivid colors of the laser projector.



Any or all of these installations can be included in the Niagara Falls Power Station project.  A central computer control area handles computer and images.  Fiber is used to take the images to the installations. All output signals and monitoring will be done from this site.  These installations were chosen on the basis of the study done of the tourist demographics and are what the future demographics demand. All ages are taken in account.   Immersive reality is best when the beauty of nature is portrayed in the most realistic way possible. What can be more beautiful than the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, the Maid of Mist pool below, and the American Falls and the surrounding environment?




The train filled with passengers enters the first Immersive dome Metasphere. The first area is dark, which is considered a dark ride. A small tunnel sections off each ride phase so the patrons know there is passing of time.



The darkness of the night is broken by the orange light of fire as the aged elf and the young sprite race through the smoky gloom.  All about them trees are erupting in flame. Behind them, dark, grossly deformed creatures emerge from the inferno wielding torches and smooth red spheres about the size of a man’s fist, which they hurl at the trees as they run.  When the spheres collide, they explode and the trees are shrouded in brilliant blaze.  The dark creatures laugh wildly and leap through the air, swinging their torches in crazed glee of the destruction.  (Imagine the impact of 3D fireballs crisscrossing crossing over the open train and creatures lurching out at the riders)



The train pulls into a beautiful landscape. The sun is rising.  The forest is burning in the distance. Eshyll, the beautiful sprite with blue gossamer wings and Rosh, the elf, are struggling to climb a hill. We see a lone tree rising majestically at the summit. The tree appears bigger (the people in the train feel they are also climbing the hill, the viewers have a close view of the next scene as the tired elf and sprite arrive at the top. The tired old elf chants an incantation calling for the exhausted sprite to sing. With great determination she finds new vigor, silver sparks from her whirling wings begin to light the air, multiplying as she emits her song.  The tree slowly changes into The Forest King, Tolstar, who hasn’t been asleep for hundreds of years.  He wonders why he has been awakened.  They point to the burning forest and tell him of the wicked Gred, the Diamond Hunter who is destroying the forests in search of diamonds.  They tell of his supernatural powers and his dangerous followers, the Welgs and Havhawks, and the horrible machines that dig into the ground.


Tolstar places his hand on a small sapling and his staff, the mythical Green Scepter materializes.  With the staff Tolstar calls forth Rendor, a frog that grows as big as a horse.  The frog grumps that he hasn’t been awakened for three centuries.  When Rendor sees the forest burning, he opens his huge mouth so wide a grown man could almost step through (or the train ride through) and he blows a massive blue bubble, which floats up into the air, drifting up through the clouds, covering the sky. Out of his mouth like an arrow comes his snake-like tongue, exploding the bubble into a thunderous booming sound as tons of water erupt from it  (Droplets also hit the train riders).  The fires are out and we see the moon rising as the train is about ready to go into the next tunnel.  But in the distance there are again the Welgs starting more fires. We see Tolstar again waving his Green Scepter. The last image the train riders see as they go into the tunnel is a beautiful regal white horse with golden wings and onyx colored eyes staring at them as Tolstar greets his old friend, the Pegasus.



Tolstar is on the horse.  He gives the wilted sprite, Eshyll, energy with the Green Scepter and she is scintillating, zipping through the air in circles, calling, “follow me”. The horse and rider fly, the great golden wings spread as the frog, with great leaps, follows. Far below the trees cease to exist and there is blackened ground.  We see the ugly machines with enormous claws that are digging up the ground. There is a battle with the machines and battle with hundreds of dark, hunched forms (Welgs). The Green Scepter becomes a golden hammer. The Havhawks come flying to battle with their fiery red eyes, showering needles from their scaled tails. Rendor saves the day by blowing bubbles that encapsulate them, taking them up into the sky. The group travels to the castle of the wicked Gred.


PHASE FOUR:   (a narrow dome with high rounded ceilings, the riders will be looking up)


The diamond castle towers in front of the train. The group hovers around the long flight of steps. Tolstar tells them that each diamond is the soul of a dead tree. Climbing the steps, they hear a thunderous voice come from the castle. Gred is sitting on his throne, as big as an elephant and very ugly.  He has a belt of diamonds around his naked stomach. The hall is massive. Tolstar and Gred talk. When Gred stands up and approaches, he slowly changes into a huge monstrous dragon.  Towering above, he glares and hisses.  The snake-like tail coils around Eshyll.  Tolstar cuts his tail off with his Green Scepter that has turned into a sword. The infuriated dragon blasts flames at Tolstar, who transforms the sword into a large shield, creating a bolt of lighting that goes to the middle of the dragon’s massive chest.  This sends him reeling, the wall of diamonds scattering and bouncing.  The dragon flies upward, crashing through the high ceiling. The horse and Tolstar follow. The horse and rider are slapped by the dragon wings back to the floor, almost destroying the horse. Ribbons come forth at the last minute, gently saving them--ribbons from the Green Scepter. The ribbons form a great net that traps the dragon, Pegasus, Tolstar, who all spin like a wild pendulum, close to the earth, out into the sky.  The dragon breaks free and breaks the Green Scepter in half, the group all tumbling downward.  The horse and rider stabilize and land upright. Tolstar dismounts and stares, shaken at the broken Scepter. After panic, Eshyll finds a way to transform the two pieces of the mythical Green Scepter into another essence.  It becomes a big green shinning diamond with great power, the raw power of the forest. Green light swirls forth around the castle, up into the sky.  Gred roars.  The diamonds are being all dismantled.  The castle is destroyed.  Whirring diamond light is everywhere. Trees sprout where the diamonds land. The dragon Gred flies down and alights near the Forest King and transforms into a giant Cyclops, showering the group with dirt.


The final is a beautiful choreographed piece, two dozen floating diamonds transform into fairy human-like creatures. The fairy-humans dodge blasts of lightning from the Cyclops.  The lighting is deflected back at the Cyclops and he screams in pain, becoming a big blob of coal.  Trees are growing, the forest is green, and the world is set straight again.



This is a fable designed for an extravaganza experience.  The fable introduces wonderful mythic creatures for merchandising.  The vehicle for this experience is a 360-degree dome.  Laser projected 3D stereoscopic images surround the audience. They are immersed for fifteen minutes in the Essence of the Wood. They smell the fires as the blazes surround them. The frog's big mouth is about to engulf them. The sprites blue gossamer wings whir as the elf and the audience flies with her. 


This story can be changed to include the creature, which is the Essence of Niagara Falls.


A computer graphics game will be created from the graphics and characters in the Essence. This will be added incentive to experience the dome show and to buy the actual creature toys.  A made for television movie can also be sold for added revenue for the production. Of course the normal T-shirt type merchandising can be additional merchandising revenue. 



    (in order of appearance)


1. Eshyll: a flying sprite with a slim, scintillating body, with whirring blue, almost translucent wings. When she sings she emits a sound so enchanting that the forest itself seems to vibrate with the rhythm (a gorgeous fairy that flies--every little girl’s fantasy toy).


2. Rosh: an elderly elf who wears a long cloak (part of the collection of characters for playing The Essence of the Woods game). 


3. Tolstar: the Forest King: A magnificent tree like no other in the world.  The bark is smooth, dark, and gold tinted; the green leaves are huge and striped with slight traces of brilliant silver.  A steady golden light pulsates gently within the tree's center.  The tree changes into a man with dark, slightly curly hair, shot with glowing silver barely over his gently pointed ears. His dusky frame is clothed in a brown cloak, clasped about the shoulders.  A tunic of golden thread is tucked into breaches that match the cloak, fastened by a black belt with a silver buckle and boots of soft dark leather adorn the feet (a transformer from tree to Forest King).


4. Gred:  the awful wizard diamond hunter who ravages the forest in search of diamonds.  He feels they give him supernatural powers. He is easily the size of an elephant as he sits in his diamond throne. He is naked from the waist up and wears loose fitting trousers and purple soft shoes that curl at the ends. A huge belly, covered with course black, hair bulges obscenely over a belt of linked diamonds.  A crown of diamonds is crammed upon his sweaty brow. The meaty limbs become black wings and his body transforms into a red-scaled dragon with fanged teeth and a huge snout.  Spikes protrude from his spine and he has an enormous tail that reaches out and engulfs. Also he transforms into an ugly Cyclops when he wishes (transformer: Gred to dragon to Cyclops).


5. The Green Scepter: The Forest King changes a slender tree into a wooden green staff with three golden leaves. The talisman is also a weapon against his enemies (this changes to sword, golden hammer, shield or big emerald and has a ribbon net: It glows with green florescence).


6. Rendor:  A large frog who is the Forest King's old companion and Chief Counselor. The frog is a massive green, the size of a horse with huge eyes, his girth billowing in and out in the grip of deep sleep. He has been a sleep for three centuries. He blows a huge blue bubble that floats to the sky. His snake-like tongue lances the huge bubble and tons of water erupt from it, putting out the forest fires set by the Welgs (the toy can blow big bubbles and squirt water).

7. Welgs:  Dark hunched forms with gnarled features that are Minions of the wizard who throw spheres of fire that explode. They burn trees in order to clear the land so that the diamonds can be evacuated that are buried beneath the soil.


8. Oridion: a Pegasus.  The Forest King with the aid of the Green Scepter changes a tree with white golden leaves into a tall, regal looking horse with a white coat and golden mane, tail and wings. The Forest King speeds through the skies riding the Pegasus.


9. Diamond Diggers: huge monstrosities, rumbling noisy machines, twisting mass of black metal, spinning cogs, sprockets and churning wheels. The machines have long probing arms that reach out to tear the earth (this machines can be built, much like erector sets--metal pieces).


10. Havhawks:  Dark creatures who have massive bat-like wings, wide gaping mouths with rows of jagged teeth. Their scaled tails trail as they fly together in clusters and dive at their prey showering them with needles.


11. Diamond Fortress: the domain of Gred. It is a magnificent gleaming castle constructed completely of millions of diamonds.  The rays of the setting sun create one shimmering jewel of light in the middle of the blackened landscape.  All the diamonds are spirits of dead trees and feel much anguish. (The castle can be built from many shaped pieces--octagons, hexagrams).


12. Twenty four beings: floating diamonds that turn into singing fairies and human-like creatures that are warriors for the Forest King.


The toy merchandising consists of sets of Lego type parts to build the castle and machines; transformer creatures-- Gred, The Forest King; two flying toys, Eshyll and the Pegasus; and the other creatures, who have special characteristics, such as Rendor--bubbles, long tongue; and Welgs, which throw red spheres; and the havhawks with infrared beady eyes and tails that shoot spikes.