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METASTAR --  The medium is the message.


MetaStar is an independent global channel based around Z*TRON Vision (ZTV). 

Programming produced is first available at Specialty theaters and on pay or cable.

As the evolution takes place, interconnectivity and content will flow through a Virtual private network (VPN) backbone. Performing artists use this channel to directly share with the global community their new art form musical theme shows produced in the MetaStar studios called MetaShells.  Other performers and famous people (comedians, magicians, politicians) also use this vehicle for sharing their vision.


The performers own the content.  They assign MetaStar distribution, but have final say over the promotion and revenue. MetaStar finds corporate sponsors. Since cost for production and distribution are so reduced, the performer gives 30% of their profit to the MetaTron Vision Foundation, the performer also directing the dispersion of the funds.


This paradigm would provide so much more funding dollars through 30% merchandizing dollars using McDonalds, Disney and Lucas $$$ models. Michael Jackson has a fund for children. Community MetaSites can set up children’s clinics (child care and nutrition)


Santana pledged to give 30% of what he would make from his album of the year.

By participating in fund raising and celebration, people will know they contribute.

The new canvas establishes a global community through people gathering together.


An established Global MetaStar channel consists of programming from the MetaShells.  MetaShells are digital playpens for the artists to create their shows.  Also they are clubs so that the performance is live in front of the artists invited friends.  The shows are sent through the pipe directly to be experienced by local MetaSite audiences (Virtual Tour).


MetaSites are chartered. MetaSites are autonomous community centers, which lease the mini-playpen from MetaStar and sign the affiliate charter. Also MetaSites pay a premium monthly fee for programming from the MetaShell.  MetaStar promises delivery of a certain number of programs.


Most important, the MetaSites produce their own content in min-playpens that is dispersed to the homes in a 35-mile radius through the high bandwidth community wireless licenses.  This establishes an immediate last mile solution. Best MetaSite programming is chosen to show on Global MetaStar.


MetaShell programming is distributed by MetaStar in a tiered process that gains the most publicity and revenue for the stars and other programming. The first tier will be for the programming to go directly to the Specialty theaters, which is the first tier where the Z*Tron projectors are placed. .


MetaSites are portals that receive MetaShell programming and send programming out to local homes.  MetaSite programming is also available for serving to the global intranet.  Each MetaSite is connected with each other MetaSite as well as being connected with the big city MetaShell playpens.


These local centers become the new town meeting hall.  Also the MetaSites provide a space where the community can congregate, creating programming that is geared to their local concerns.  They can also showcase their local talent and share their programming with the world.  Also when local concerns are addressed and solved, they can share their solution with other local community MetaSites and if their programming is chosen, through the MetaStar channel.  Global MetaStar and the local channel are advertised driven. Often one corporate promoter advertises over the extended network.


This MODEL thus stimulates the visual interactive broadband network. It supports the intranet’s automatic build.  Every household can be connected.  The MetaSites charter states that every home that wants a dish is equipped in their licensed area.

The haves and the have-nots have equal access, unlike with cable. 


Often there can be an arrangement with the local television group for use of their towers giving them the best programming to share.  The MetaSites are run and owned by local entrepreneurs or with non-profit groups. It is not a town council or elected community issue. The group, whether profit or non-profit follow the charter.


Each portion of the enterprise is self-supporting and also has the potential of creating much revenue.  If the local MetaSite Council is cleaver in creating programming that is accepted for global MetaStar, then there is much revenue to be received. The producers receive dividends, but also the community is well rewarded.  The advertising driven channel also gives an open forum for local issues such as drug rehabilitation, medical hospital information and environmental issues.


Also when the local community participates in the famous artist’s virtual tour from the MetaShell  (digital playpen), the local community also addresses the issues and money funding through the MetaTron Vision foundation.


Millions of dollars were placed Digital entertainment Network (DEN) (Intel, Microsoft) and it folded. New programming is hard to come by for the new second Internet. This MODEL addresses this problem. Also there is the Napster question and freedom of the pipe for the users. How does the next big leap occur and how does the International Intranet become a tool for the people of the world to share.  What is the next MODEL that is as effective as Public Television, MTV or CNN?  How is it implemented? 

This is a Living System plan where there is circulation and flow of content for nourishment (Programming and information flow and the ability to interrelate freely).


International CNN using the technology that existed created communication between nations. No one probably really knows how much the creation of CNN helped the world.  The Christian networks and Turner’s Super Station were first to show the way using satellite. Again there needs to be a new MODEL set and implementation as a way shower. CNN was the international news channel.  MetaStar will be seen as a channel for artists to show their “vision”: and also contribute though their vision. 


What it really becomes is a way for the people of the world to have an effect on the important changes that have to be made to make sure we go into the next centuries with dignity and care for all people.  I think Ross Perot was right about one thing: the importance of local town meeting halls that are interconnected.


I am originally from Iowa City.  We take care of our homeless, our drug addicted, our environment, our sick, our children, and our crime. The bus system costs 35 cents and travels the town so children can go to their lessons and sports without the parents driving. 


The U of Iowa was the first place where women were accepted in a University, where women were accepted into law school, where the arts and ecumenical religion were accepted as a University degree, etc.  Iowa City was where the Underground Railroad ended and blacks were free.  It is the jumping off place where the people set off for the west for the gold rush.  Many women and children were left there as their husbands set off to seek their fortune.  The women stayed and built the town.


Iowa City was the first energy center (made gas for their street lights and homes) west of the Mississippi.  Iowa City also could be a first place for a MetaSite.  The space is waiting, the old Vaudeville refurbished theater in the center of town.  Also many writers and producers in Hollywood graduate from the university. Many have returned.  The new digital production centers will begin. 


The day of the virtual studio is here. Groups are gathering in New Zealand. 450 artists moved there from Hollywood to work on projects and also the Lord of the Rings.  Good programming can be created in the Ozarks, in South Central LA, and in Trinidad if the studios are present and the support from knowledgeable zeons is there.


The opportunity is given for the young geniuses  (Zeon) in high school who are musicians, writers, computer graphics web site builders, software designers, and game designers.  These young people are in Richmond, California, Harlem, and in small town USA and even in the Amish communities. There are many (young people and old people) worldwide who see the future and have been preparing, learning the tools. Now there needs to be the MetaSite local playpen with the toolbox and connectivity so they can share their vision.


The new artist/ engineer channel is a channel of the people and for the people. Who knows, maybe the solving of many of the world problems is as simple as replacing guns and other weapons with cameras and open systems for expression. The frustration world wide, even in this country, is the inability to be heard.


Also in Iowa City, we had the International Writer’s workshop.  I spent as much time with these writers and artists as possible.  Often they were coming from jail and going back to jail.  I remember Abu from Ethiopia.  He wrote the book, “I Don’t want to be Born”.  The book instilled the people to mobilize and ask for food and work and shelter from their dictator.  Abu was thrown in jail. He had a year’s reprieve in Iowa City.  He was a wonderful being. After the writer’s workshop reprieve, he was sent back to Ethiopia and jail and was later put to death. I think he was an inspiration when I conceived this plan in 1976. I guess low power broadband for a local area was hot then but is just finally being realized.


As you know, new MODELS depend on new technology that paves the way for the next wave.  The Super Station was inspired by the ability to have one station in Atlanta, license or buy product for that station, and then send that station across the country.  It showed the industry how satellite works.  CNN was also born using International pipelines that were newly available.  The industry watched the implementation and copied. Now we are discussing a new systems approach.  Again the industry has to be shown, not told.  The MetaStar, MetaShells and MetaSite portals where people want to work and congregate. 


Z*TRON Vision (ZTV) is the missing link in a new system integration which allows the Studio of the Future that this Model provides.  The ZEON is begging to play in the playpen with the new digital integrations tools.  The huge curved backset allows an Immersive world not only to the MetaShells but also in the MetaSites. People gather in the MetaSites to partake in the Meta Dimensional Transfer (MDT) imaged 20 by 30 curved screen.  Audiences worldwide in MetaSites and at home participate, as the new art form is created live: an evolution from MTV- a musical story (See After Hours Live).


As the home audiences view the shows sent from the MetaSite portals, they know they are participating, contributing, connected with the Global community.


And why is Peter Gabriel sharing?  He has a new production toolbox where he can create an Immersive reality: the new art form.  He has the opportunity to be a global catalyst, share his vision through this new art form and have a direct connection with the global community.  Gabriel does interactive games and is a digital convert and is contributing his artistic knowledge in the ongoing creation of the new art form using the MetaShell toolbox, He shares 30% of his revenue to make a difference and he directs how that money be used.  He has an open channel and control over his product. Many other artists also are waiting such an opportunity.  They are frustrated at their inability to really make a difference and seek a digital paradigm shift.  The playpen is open for the talented who have taken time to learn the tools. Sigfred and Roy or Bill Cosby or Oprah.


Z*TRON Vision (ZTV) provides a new canvas. Humans can hone their tools, learn their art and have a canvas for expression. Everyone cannot be a super star, but they can at least feel that they are part of the experience by sharing and participating. Thus the virtual canvas is there for all who want to bring unity for the global community.