Derrik Van Nimwegen: At the Edge

"My recent work simplifies the landscape and concentrates on planes that come together to form edges. It is at these edges where life changes occur, or so it seems to me, and my paintings explore these changes."

Derrik Van Nimwegen: Passage at the Wall

Passage At the Wall is an audio/visual artwork that represents an experience that the artist had at the Vietnam Wall Memorial in Washington, D.C. in February, 1993. Currently, the memorial consists of a thirteen-panel maquette and an accompanying poem recorded on an audio track.

"From Lincolnís brow
The wall is all but lost,
A narrow line across a wintry field
Of white and straw.
I shake in February winds,
While the cold mimics the wallís
Chiseled icy surface.
A granite face
Bearing stoic written tribute
To names paraded in close-order drill,
Black silence rules this monument,
Save the grieving wind,
Or so it seems at first.
Descending a narrow path
Besides the rising face,
My journey begins without purpose.
A rustle in the wind brings change,
But more within my spirit than natureís call.
Softly I sense the first names call out,
Wall names, rock-cut and sharp-edged
Finding voice within myself.
Whistling through tiny hamlets, grain-laid farms
And harsh-bound cities.
Names coming in flight,
Borne on white-silver wings,
Gentle sounding,
Mothers reaching for their sons.
Wall-borne names climbing in lyric unison,
A chorus in ordered grace
Resonates within my spirit place
And I pause in a Godly state."

Derrik Van Nimwegen, Passage at the Wall

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