Sharon Truax
Fine Art
A Meta-Arts Space

P.O. Box 12695
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295
310-396-3162 phone/fax

Sharon Truax Fine Art has been exhibiting international contemporary art for over 16 years. Her salon approach to art viewing is an alternative to the usual gallery setting. The unique loft space provides a supportive environment which encourages a free exchange of ideas between artists and viewers. Over the years, it has been a favorite stop for collector and museum tour groups.

Inquiries regarding art or commissions may be directed to Meta-Arts.

Artists shown:
    Peter Alexander, Don Bacardy, Jim Barrett,
    Katherine Coons, Laddie John Dill, Guy Dill,
    Jessie Homer French, Irving Greines,
    James Howell, Marc Katano, Nancy Kay, E.F. Kitchen,
    C.Koopman, Peter Lodato, Dale Haven Loy,
    Kim McCarty, Ed Moses, Maria Munroe, Minoru Ohira,
    Elsa Rady, Victor Raphael, Ed Ruscha,
    Derrik Van Nimwegen

Sharon Truax Fine Art STFA
Beyond Loss

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