Maria Munroe


There is nothing new in art, only in its interpretation. Certainly, memorialization has involved containers since the age of the Pharaohs. Whether to protect sacred organs in the passage across the river Styx or to serve as functional urns, funerary vessels have been cast, blown and sculpted, painted, etched and polished for millennia.

Maria Munroe's sculptures, Eturns, literally designed as eventual housing of cremains, are abstract symbolic portraits. Derived, either from conversations with, or if commissioned posthumously, memories recounted about her subjects, these pieces stand, independent of their eventual purpose, as fully realized exhibitable works of art.

BORN: Coronado, CA
LIVES: Venice, CA
EDUCATION: BA, MFA American University, Washington, DC
EXHIBITIONS: Armory Center for the Arts, Sharon Truax Fine Art, 18th St. Arts Complex

Maria Munroe
Allen J. Schaben, Los Angeles Times

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Los Angeles Times, August 2006
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