Dale Haven Loy

Park Light, 1999
oil on canvas
53" x 62"

Archetype, Side 1, 1999
oil on four panel screen
68" x 94"
Archetype, Side 2, 1999
oil on four panel screen
68" x 94"

The authentic Japanese screen, which is an art in itself, has hinges that move both ways, is painted on gessoed Tyvek and collaged with the wallpaper from a hundred year old house and then gold leafed.

The subject matter on the reverse side of the screen came from two different sources. Both were newspaper clippings, but of special significance for Dale. A very dear Dutch friend sent her a piece from an Amsterdam paper - in Dutch which she of course couldn't read - in which there was a photograph of an ancient prayer circle discovered off the coast of Norfolk, England, roughly contemporaneous with Stonehenge, but preserved under water for 4000 years. When revealed by shifting tides, it was moved by the Norfolk Museum so it could be preserved. The pieces are ancient oak. In Dale's version the wood is represented by collaged pieces of nearly 100 year old wallpaper found on the walls of a house unchanged since the first decade of this century, near her studio in Virginia. When scraped from the layered walls, these pieces had traces of gold paint which had been part of the original rather Asian design.

The second clipping was taken from the NY Times - a piece about the fishing habits of cormorants, disliked by fishermen because they interfere with commercial fishing catches. Just a year ago, Dale had done a small drawing for her daughter's wedding program. The ceremony was on Martha's Vineyard and she asked for a view of their field, the three old pilings in the water beyond and the three cormorants who always sit there, serene or spreading their wings to dry in the sun.

The three birds could be predella subject matter, surrounded by the gold Dale chose to use in honor of the many beautiful Japanese screens she had been examining as well as the 14th & 15th Century Italian predellas she so loves and admires. The birds' perches and frames were more of the old wall paper. In sum, all the parts and the persons they came from were very close to her heart.

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