Dale Haven Loy: New Work

"Over the years, my intent has always been to discover light in the darkness, on a surface, a mysterious radiance that can come across as both apocalyptic and regenerative. An ambivalence thatís born of my fears for the environment and efforts to protect it."

Paintings by Dale Haven Loy

Returning to Venice, CA, for a second solo exhibition, Loyís paintings represent a profound celebration of life and coming home. The painterís focus has dramatically shifted from the earlier landscapes with a distant perspective to an up-front vantage point in this new body of work of twenty-four oil paintings and a four-panel Japanese screen.

"Far away, I was coming home, and in my head and open heart, the profoundly rich legacy of the art and architecture of this deservedly cherished Italian City quickened my purpose as a painter, to speak of what is uniquely its own thing, the tree, seen throughout the history of art as metaphor and as life force."

A full color catalog with an introduction by Henry T. Hopkins and an essay by W. S. Merwin is available.

Pulitzer prize winning poet W. S. Merwin is the author of more than 15 volumes of poetry, including The Rain in the Trees. His poems have appeared more frequently in the Atlantic Monthly than those of any other poet in the last twenty five years.

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