Marc Katano and Gronk

Absolut Hope

Marc Katano
Born in Tokyo, Japan, Katano received his B.F.A, with distinction, at the California College of Arts and Crafts, in Oakland, CA. He has been the recipient of the S.E.C.A award for contemporary art from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Katano's work is shown in Japan and throughout the United States.

Born Glugio Gronk Nicandro in 1954 in East L.A., Gronk is internationally recognized for his work as a performance artist, painter, muralist and set designer. In the early 70's he formed a group that came to be known as "ASCO" (--"nausea" or "repulsion" in Spanish) and was in the vanguard of Chicano performance art. By the mid-80's, the original members of the group had moved in different directions and Gronk became part of the "fine art" establishment he had once rallied against.

   Absolut Hope
You may have noticed this "HAVE HOPE HEAL" billboard at Sunset and Crescent Heights Blvd. Dedicated to the Venice Family Clinic, this "Absolut Hope" billboard was commissioned by Carillon Importers "to promote harmony and unity" in Los Angeles. Five artists created the panels. Our deepest appreciation to SHARON TRUAX for her efforts in making this possible for the clinic, to Carillon and to the artists for creating this project and including the Venice Family Clinic in the message of hope and healing.

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