Irving Greines

387 W. Broadway, Manhattan,
October 2, 1992

cibachrome on aluminum panel
30" x 30"

Urban wilderness is a series of photographs about the beauty I've discovered in the littered and decayed streets of a dense urban environment.

My exploration concentrates primarily on the ungentrified, grittier parts of downtown Manhattan. I am drawn by the diversity, energy and blight of these neighborhoods.

Unique images of vibrant colors and textures magically appear. Although the environment is chaotic, I always find structure, order and, perhaps ironically, even serenity.

I am particularly drawn to the images because of their ephemeral quality. Most exist only for the briefest of moments. They then mutate, eventually disappearing forever-obliterated by the next wave of life, graffiti, weather and blight.

All of the Urban Wilderness images are honest. There is no computer manipulation, no filtration, no flash, no physical alteration of any kind. Each image stands exactly as I found it.

BORN: Los Angeles, CA
LIVES: Los Angeles, CA
EDUCATION: UCLA (J.D., 1966), UCLA (B.S., 1963)
SOLO EXHIBITIONS: Architecture, AIA, Washington DC (2000); Urban Wilderness, Chaos Transformed, Center for Contemporary Art, Abeline, TX (1998); Urban Wilderness, Chaos Transformed, Sharon Truax Fine Art, Venice, CA (1997)
GROUP EXHIBITIONS: Photography, Santa Fe Center for the Arts, Santa Fe, NM (1999); LA Current, The Canvas is Paper, The Armand Hammer Cultural Center, Rental/ Sales Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (1998); Untitled Group Show, George Krevsky Fine Art, San Francisco, CA (1998); Unlimited Landscape, Venice Artwalk '98, Sharon Truax Fine Art, Venice, CA (1998); Personal Alphabet, The Ink Heads & Irving Greines, Modern Primitive Gallery, Atlanta, GA (1998).
SELECTED BIOGRAPHY: Urban Wilderness, Popular Photography (June 1996); Camera & Darkroom August (1994); Hasselblad Forum February (1992)
SELECTED COLLECTIONS: Michael & Joyce Axelrod, Coronado, CA; Eli & Edythe Broad, New York, NY; Joseph & Elaine Monsen, Lajolla, CA; The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
MEMBERSHIPS: Board of Trustees, Museum of Photographic Art, San Diego, CA; Advisory Council, Santa Fe Center for Visual Arts, Santa Fe, NM

50 Howard Street, Manhattan, October 9, 1993
cibachrome on aluminum panel
30" x 30"

Sharon Truax Fine Art STFA
Beyond Loss

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