The Temple of Consciousness

     "My consciousness now is the temple of God."
    - Joel Goldsmith

    We are here to be transparencies for
    God, to reveal, Heaven on Earth.

Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China, Good Friday, 1997
The Lake Shrine, Self-Realization Fellowship, Malibu, CA, Jan. 2000 "Realization Comes through developing the habit of right prayer and right meditation."
"Always we should seek the companionship of those whose faith may be added to ours.  Thought atmospheres are real enough.  We sense them in the quiet of the cathedral or at shrines where countless thousands have gathered with uplifted faith, seeking communion with the Eternal Reality.  Thus the power of one is multiplied through combining it with the power of others.  This is not because the Spirit listens any more to many than to just one, but because often many create a larger hope and a greater expectancy. They develop a real dynamic field of faith."
- Ernest Holmes, Pray & Prosper
Monk, Wisdom Benefit Meditation Temple, Putuoshan, China, 1997
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