The Outcome Is Always Good.  So What Do You Choose To See?

Think of prayer as planting a beautiful garden, sowing the thoughts (seeds) and inviting the activity of Spirit (soil) to do the work.

Life is filled with beauty everywhere.  Train yourself to see it.  Start right where you are.  Seek what is beautiful in thought, word and deed.

Spring Gardens, Seattle, WA, Good Friday, 2000
Spring Gardens, Seattle, WA, Good Friday, 2000 Breaking old thought patterns is not always easy, sometimes attachment to them is strong. (Like weeds in the garden, some don't come up easily.) You have sown your new thoughts.  Be patient and forgiving with yourself and others.  Yes, turn again to the invisible source within, and wait for the spiritual reality to be made visible.

Prayer is the inner vision of harmony. (Recall a glimpse of nature, a beautiful painting, or a loving thought.) Prayer isn't achieved with any mental effort or desire. There is nothing to do but to be still. It is in the stillness that all is made possible.

I immediately take it all into the sanctuary of my heart, as if I am gathering a bouquet of beautiful yellow tulips.

"Prayer ties us to a Power that is able, ready and willing to fulfill every legitimate desire: to bring every good thing to us: to do for us even more abundantly than we have expected."
- Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind
Spring Gardens, Seattle, WA, Good Friday, 2000
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