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BeyondLoss came from a deep need to stand in prayer while walking through the darkest and most challenging period of my life.  The fear of losing my soul mate to bone cancer brought up decades of unexpressed, compounded grief in me.  As I continued to acknowledge and process my grief he became stronger and was very much alive long after his given prognosis. The few given months became several years and I continued to do the heart work.  My perception of life and beliefs about death began to change.  By letting go of the dust & grit of my journey, I was able to see the wealth in each now moment and to be truly thankful for the precious gift of life.  Our shared journey became one of deepening compassion and commitment to lives well lived, moment by moment.


Sharon Truax, Director 

Spring Gardens, Seattle, WA, Good Friday, 2000
  Grief can be the garden of compassion.
  -Rumi is here to inspire, encourage and support you in your unique and individual grieving process.  By doing the heart work, we are embracing and honoring our humanity allowing for inner sight beyond our grief, revealing the spiritual truth - that there is no loss in God.

Allow us to stand with you in prayer, or participate in a support group. Visit the creative center for inspiration.  Link to other resources for support.

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Hospice portraits immortalize joy
Seattle, 11/2005 - 12/2006
An exhibit titled Portraits of Healing: Celebrating the Gift of Hospice features 45 black-and-white images of patients, most in their last days of life, surrounded by their loved ones and hospice caregivers. Power of Prayer | Support Group | Library | Send a Prayer | Resources | Gifts | Contact
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