Calling All Angels

One month after my husband’s death, in my darkest and lowest moments, I had an inner calling. When I first heard, “Go to Rome”, I thought that I might be going crazy. How could I possibly think of travel? My soul mate’s long and valiant struggle with bone cancer was so fresh in my mind, and the clearing and reorganizing of our lives together was looming before me.

The second time I heard, “Go to Rome, the Eternal City. Go to the cloisters”, it really got my attention. In spite of the thick fog of grief that was making the most routine task insurmountable and the incessant noise in my head, of the “should” and “have to do’s”, I was uncontrollably pulled to “be still” for longer periods of time. It was only by turning to the stillness within me that each task was completed, and in ways that I could not have imagined.

One item on my long list of to do’s, was to contact an insurance company for changes on a policy. The woman, who answered the phone, must have sensed that I was overwhelmed. She even shared personally, that the previous year when her father died, she had to have someone help her make calls and do paperwork. She then asked, did I have anyone helping me? When I said that I did not, she offered to come to my home to assist me on her next day off. Her compassionate words and willingness to help someone she had never met moved me to tears.

I thanked her and explained that just her willingness to help was enough. It was the encouragement that I needed to continue with the tasks at hand.

Throughout the following month, I became still when I didn’t know what to do. As I continued to listen, the trip began to take shape. I discovered that I had enough airline mileage for an international ticket. The agent reserved the last seats available to and from Italy and said that the tickets could be mailed as there were just enough days before my departure. All of this took place in only a few minutes!

Next, an unexpected call came from a dear friend who needed a rental to cover the month gap between selling his condominium and moving into his new home. It was June 1 through to July 3, the exact time frame of my travel! Was it possible that I really was answering the call of my Soul? Power of Prayer | Support Group | Library | Send a Prayer | Resources | Gifts | Contact
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