Unzip the required file in your temporary directory / folder using WinZip.

Programs designed for Windows 95 should run under Windows 98, NT etc.

If a program is designed for Windows 95, but not for Windows 3.1, it will probably still run on Windows 3.1x if Win32 is installed.

Download and unzip the required .ZIP file (allowing overwrite). There are 2 ways to install the software: Copy the files by hand, deleting install.prg, or, dowload and unzip the general purpose installer ( into the same folder as the required software then run install.exe.


File Computer Language Lab 18.8 (Windows 95/NT)

File General Purpose File Viewer 3.1 (Windows 95/NT)

File Hack Wall 1.4 (Windows 95/NT)

File Installer 2.10 (Windows 3.1x/95/NT)

File MT Maze 2.16 (Windows 95/NT)

File Peg Puzzle 1.2 (Windows 95/NT)

File Picture Puzzle 1.12 (Windows 95/NT)

File Remember Card 4.2 (Windows 95/NT)

File Force Copy Screen to Clipboard 1.0 (Windows 3.1x/95/NT)

File Space Invaders 1.12 (Windows 95/NT)

File Utilities 1.0 (MSDOS)

Source Code

File Bitmap Resources. Last update: 2009-06-06.

File C / C++ (Personal C / C++ library code). Last update: 2015-10-07.

File Cards (Delphi -- Object Pascal)

File MATLAB (Personal library code). Last update: 2009-06-06.

File Space Invaders code (Delphi -- Object Pascal)

File Pascal (Personal library code for Delphi -- Object Pascal). Last update: 2003-08-18.

File Python (Personal library code for Python). Last update: 2015-10-07.

File Visual BASIC (Personal library code). Last update: 2004-12-23.


File C Introduction

File C++ Introduction

File Designers GUIDE to MATLAB GUI's

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