Patient screening for Mercy Flight is conducted by

Mercy Flight

7450 W. 1350
Demotte, IN, 46310
Phone (219) 297-3500
Hours: 8-8 Monday-Saturday
Fax: (219) 866-0586


1. If the passenger is a patient, they must provide physician's statement confirming they are medically stable and able to fly in non-pressurized condition

2. Must sign a Mercy Flight waiver prior to boarding the aircraft

3. May be a blood or organ donor

4. May not be on any medication that may cause adverse effects at altitude

5. Passengers may be accompanied by an additional passenger (i.e., family member, friend or other caregiver).

6. Must arrange ground transportation for themselves and their additional passenger.

7. Must give ample advance notice of flight requirements, including exact date and time of appointment

8. Must not smoke in or near aircraft

9. Must not drink coffee, soda pop, or take any diuretics within 4 hours of flight

10. Must arrive at airport at least one half hour prior to scheduled departure

11. Mercy Flight cannot be held responsible for flight cancellations or postponements due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances

12. Patient and passengers are limited to the amount of luggage/baggage weight permitted on the plane

Passenger Information

Phone: 219-297-3500

Fax: (219) 866-0586